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I have 1/3 of the weather dependent pets (Baby Ape). What's the deal with no sandstorms in Tanaris and no snow in Storm Peaks? Is there a specific time I should be looking?
You need to offer a sacrafice to the RNG gods. They're extremely picky, however.

In all seriousness, sadly, the weather in this game is purely random.
I'll start a petition to rename Storm Peaks "Calm Mountain"
I have to agree. I have only gotten one of the weather pets that being the sandstorm in Tanaris. I haven't seen a snow storm or rain for the baby ape.
What's interesting is in all my years of playing I've seen tons of sandstorms in Tanaris (I always thought it was fairly common since it was pretty much the only zone they'd get to show them off in) and rain in STV. Of course CRZ can mess with that now, but still.
The Storm Peaks however I've never seen snow in, not during the the height of Wrath or any time after. I didn't even think it could snow there...
I finally got a Baby Ape and what I noticed is that the weather pattern over Jaguero Island is not the same as elsewhere. If it's raining in Booty Bay, the sun is shining down on that island. I had to set my char flying over the island, with the view looking at the sky, while doing RL stuff. I'd visit my computer now and then to check the sky and touch a key to prevent being logged off. It took three or four days before I finally spotted rain and was able to get the Baby Ape.

I had similar issues with Dust Storms in Tanaris. Storm Peaks is the worst, though. I've had my toon flying over K3 for days without any sign of snowfall. Also, Storm Peaks has almost no battle pets. I've only seen a couple Arctic Hares since I started looking there.
I'm not sure but I think the Sproutlings in Zhangar Marsh (Sporegar) only show up when it rains. Now in the marsh I waited half an hour looking for Glowcaps and there was a rainfall so at least I know that is working. For many people that is there only humanoid pet.
If there is a weather condition, it says so in the Pet Journal. Sporeling Sprouts show up at any time. It's just a lot of people looking for them and a slow respawn.
I SWEAR sandstorms are broken. I've likely checked 5-6 times a day, and never seen one. It's frustrating as I'm quickly running out of time to get that pet, and one just refuses to spawn!
i love the 4 times i've searched for a a silithid hatchling in a sandstorm for at least an hour without a single spawn ( thanks to CRZ), not to mention the 2 seasonal pets and the bugged eastern kingdom achievement keeping me from the zookeeper title.
lol found a silithid hatchling just as i typed the above post
10/11/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Marachan
lol found a silithid hatchling just as i typed the above post

Luuccckkkyyy. I waited in one that lasted nearly 2 hours yesterday without a single spawn/respawn. I assume someone there cleared them all out before I logged into my parked alt but no respawns throughout the whole time I was there made me sad.

EDIT: Ha, I guess coming on here and complaining about it works. Sandstorm in the same parked alt and was able to snag me one.
I got the storm peaks one, but am missing the ape and silithid.
I does not have to be raining in Zangarmarsh to get the pet; I got mine when it was dry.

I have the baby ape (rare!) but not the kit or the silithid. I have never even seen a single battle pet of any type available to tame in Storm Peaks.

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