Plz help lvl 85 pvp vendors are missing

they are not in the hall of legends anymore...anyone know where they went
they're not in Dalaran anymore either. I have no idea what's going on. I'm trying to get a whole set of my gear and the vendors that supply it are gone D:
they put the vendors on the wall for whatever reason...blizz trolling i guess....
They're gone with the new season. Can't buy cataclysmic anymore.
You can buy the season 9 gear in gadgetzan but anything that sold ruthless or cataclysmic is gone for some reason. And no, blizzard didn't remove wrathful and brutal gear from us to buy, cataclysmic should still be around to purchase with honour even with a new season.
ty for the replies...i was 1 piec from full cta and i need 2 more epics sooo pissed :(
what lvl is season 9 gear

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