help just bought the mist of pandaria online

Mac Technical Support
I just bought the bundle and i cant get anything too download i had the wow starter trail, so after i decided to play i bought the bundle so its all the expansions for 60bucks good deal i thought till i found to realize i cant download anything..... -.- im running on a mac and i get like .04% complete and it shows \application\world of warcraft........ and stops the dl process HOW DO I GET WOW ?? i need to play i spent 60 bucks on the bundle and bought a 30day online thing and i cant play.........................
If you have 5.0.5 installed already you are good to go
I've seen this happen on restrictive networks like schools, work, military, etc. Ports may be blocked to allow the download. Who is your ISP provider, and what type of internet do you have (cable, satellite, DSL, etc).

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