Mechanical Pet Bug?

Pet Battles
The turrets mechanical humanoid pets can build are pretty OP. However, this is not what I am here to talk about. I noticed that when I use a survivability ability phase shift (dodge next attacks by 100%), it does not apply to turret attack.

I have had opponents who would build 3 turrets and render my Phase Shift ability useless. Combined with shadings ability to cast a spell on your pet that gives the attacker health with each hit, I have seen units regenerate up to 400 health a turn just from turrets attacking my unit that should have 100% dodge.

3 turrets up at a time can deal serious damage, especially if you used your turn on a phase shift ability.

Suggestion: either limit it to one turret up at a time or make it so they can't hit units who are protected by an ability such as 100% block (can't remember the name) or 100% dodge (phase shift).
I believe this is a bug, as it is the only ability I've seen that does that. If someone hasn't posted it on the Bug Report forum, I'd suggest posting one over there.

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