How do you level alchemy for MOP?

I upgraded to zen, but I have no recipes. How to I level? Myself and 2 other guild friends have the same problem.
The 2 green recipes/pots - make them. As you make them you will discover more; it's cyclical.
Oh great I see it, ya I am leveling up now, thx a bunch!
I have this same problem, but I only have Zen Alchemist's Stone available and nothing else.
The answer given on September 28th 2012 is still true today. Make the two green potions and you'll get discoveries for the rest. Continue making potions/flasks and you'll keep getting discoveries until you learn all the current recipes.
06/07/2014 02:56 PMPosted by Ðëåthkñìght
You should have master healing potion craft these or master mana!

Did you not even read the response directly above yours from Higeki? It still is true, a year later, and still true nearly two years after the thread was created...and if the original poster hasn't figured out how to finish alchemy by now, then he has probably moved on to something else....

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