Leveling - Cat or Boomie?

I've found feral pretty effective. Stuff doesn't live long enough for bleeds to be really effective, but because I get a free, instant cast heal in forms after using 5 combo points I have almost zero down-time. You also have NS on a 1-minute cooldown and the double shot of the CP one and NS will boost your hp pretty quickly.

I don't know how other classes/specs find it, but pulling 2-3 mobs at a time has been fairly easy on a consistent basis. Sure my health pool goes up and down like a yo-yo, but I always come out on top. NS has a 1-min cooldown so you can do it again on the very next pack :)
Cat unless You like coming in Last
its the spec that you have the best gear with will get you faster levelling.

and personal preference.

in bear where i can i try to get 5-8 mobs on me at once ... usually its difficult though because theres 19 other people doing the exact same quest as me at the same time.

also in bear i can kill the rare elites i see. ive killed 3 so far and i probably couldnt handle how hard some of them hit without being in bear form.

but i have better feral gear than balance, so i go feral.

I think theres some boomkins out there though that do a bazillion dps and can 2 shot every mob from lvl 85-90.. so they would do better as boomkin
Leveling as cat seemed painful to me until I realized that Predatory Swiftness is bugged and not lighting up the toolbar icons when it procs (like some other procs do). I hooked up a mod to more easily see when it procs, and find it's much easier now.
It's a personal thing, I find Ferel to be boring, although it is probably a little faster. As Boomkin, I dot everything up, and if mobs aren't dead by the time they get to me, I finsih them off with one Hurricane. Works for me. :)

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