"Losing" battles with Undead pets

Pet Battles
I was fighting a PVE group of 2 pets. I killed the first one, and was attempting to catch the second one. All of my pets had died, except for one, my undead pet. Then it died, and came back, as it is supposed to. The pet battle continued another round, and I managed to "catch" the pet. The battle ended, and I noticed that not only did I not get the pet, but my text box said that I had lost the battle (which is why I had lost the pet). Can you not win the battle if your undead pet comes back to life and your other pets are dead? Or was this a glitch?
Sounds like a glitch. I'd report it on the Bug Report forum, including steps to reproduce the issue. If you can also repeat the experiment and get the same thing happening, that'd be even better for the QA team.

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