[A]Looking for a warlock cult.

Wyrmrest Accord
That's pretty much all there is to it. I'm looking for an Alliance side warlock cult. Preferably one based around demons. d(^.^d)
Oh, I miss the warlock's cult on the basements and sewers of Stormwind. But I think that the good warlocks RPers are gone... there is one girl that I particularly remember, her name was Lady Night.

Warlocks aren't very well accepted on our society, so... good luck on your quest.
If I had my warlock... he wanted more people to his cult. :/
I was hoping the forums would have had better knowledge than I did on the subject. /sigh

It's hard planning the domination of a cult without a cult to find itself dominate. While yes I do know that I am a warlock, Licinius is one of those warlocks who find dark magic to be a hobby.

I wonder if I can gather a group of warlocks together and make them make a cult. Then BAM! They start corrupting leaders and plan the burning of Stormwind...
Sad that you haven't met my Warlock. He and 5~6 other warlocks used to hang out together, gather at basements. We used to create Dark Magic Books on GHI...Those were the days, my boy.

But I deleted him.
Again, type /who warlock, search for potential players and gather them. That's how I started.
09/28/2012 08:12 PMPosted by Unwanted
That's how I started.

Bah. But I have no interest in leading this group. Only helping them. I already know a few people but they, like myself, aren't particularly interested in leading a group.

Wish people did things without my guidance, y'know? But I guess I might as well whisper people and find out which ones have cult-leader ambition and charisma.

EDIT: The above seems kinda awkward come to think of it. Being a guild master and saying that.

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