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Thus far, Mists of Pandaria has been an awesome experience! I don't think I have enjoyed the game outside of raiding content since I levelled my first character a few months before Wrath came out. I won't judge by bugs, because they weren't intended and will be fixed anyway. Neither will I judge by queues, because that is just a completely stupid thing to do.

Good stuff:
- Common profession mats are common. Like cloth. If cloth dropped like it did in Cataclysm, I would never have decided to touch First Aid.
- The whole daily system is the best I've seen ever. You're never going to get away from the collect or kill quests, but at least we don't do the exact same ones every day.
- The zones were just amazing. I have to say, Kun-lai Summit was my favourite, when levelling on land, looking north the mountains are just so ominous, and it felt like the same zone when I went up to the snowy mountains.
- Yaks >>>>>>>>> Camels.
- The lore items are so great. No one is forced to do them, and instead of being on the quest text that tends to be skipped, or mainly on 3rd party websites, it's actually in the game.
- With above, the whole idea of a lore faction is just so good.
- Reputations with people, it's just a good idea and allows for so much more reputation progression.
- I really liked the whole idea of the Klaxxi. I wished that such a thing could work in real life, and if it did, that it existed.
- The Lorewalkers disc mount is just too good. Not only is it amazing, it is generous to other players when they're trying to interact with the NPCs that I am.
- The new cooking system is very interesting.
- Even though I'm more of a fan of epic orchestra, the music in MoP is the best and best feeling since BC.
- Zone environment progression was really well done. Started off in a forest, then plains and a dark forest, then up a mountain, then eventually into something a lot more chaotic. So progression went from most familiar to least familiar, which is a very good way to do it.
- The zones were very convincing. I actually felt like I was in the portrayed environment, and connected more to how one would feel if they were in such a place in real life.
- While smaller than Northrend, Pandaria seems to just have more stuff in it, which I much rather prefer.
- With above, the idea of having us out in the world more has a much greater potential to succeed.
- I really liked the Jinyu, much more than the Hozen. For an Alliance player, not having to feel jealous of the Horde for something they have is really refreshing.
- There are quite a few moral and philosophical lessons this time around, something I just love.
- Just one trade resource, Spirit of Harmony, that can drop off of anything. It's a really nice idea, and much more preferable to those tried before.

The not so good stuff:
- Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes didn't even have enough experience from questing to complete an entire level, even in a level 25 guild. I had to go back to Kun-lai Summit after both 88 and 89 in order to level up for the next zone/level 90. While the idea of revisiting zones can be interesting, not having a basis to do so in quests is not.
- I actually managed to get to 90 well under the required ilvl to do heroics. Since there are no max level normal dungeons (which for the amount of time people play them, this is a good thing), I was lucky to find out from a guildie that there was a scenario quest that replaced my epic staff, the first real upgrade for it in the expansion, which got me to exactly 440. An idea would be to let the player know that such quests existed in the game itself.
- JP vendors, especially with reputation requirements, have no real basis to exist. By the time you will have the reputation to purchase JP gear, one should already have better from heroics, especially those from August Celestials and Shadow-pan.

Inspired Desires:
- I would love to see the lore system in Pandaria in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, and maybe even Outland, as well. Maybe not so much for the stuff that's very well known, but for the little known stuff that people visit wowwiki to find out. Also it could explain the basic events in the books that dictate the game. Completing the things for a book could also mention that the book exists in the mail you get for completing it.

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