(I looked all over the other forums and I did not find a Suggestion forum, so I had to come here.)

I seem to have found a debuff that can be used to abuse the game mechanics. It is called 'Spritely'. Increases damage done and movement speed by 5%. Stacks to 20. The timer is set at 20 seconds. That gives you more than enough time to get to the 100% damage and allows you to murder anyone of the opposite faction quite quickly. I recommend it be reduced to 5 seconds.
That's not an abuse of game mechanics.
[quote="67578979598"]That's not an abuse of game mechanics.[/quote
Well, it kind of is because you're using it to gain an advantage over other players that you wouldn't normally have etc etc, but the other players can get it too. So it's not really broken or anything, there's nothing wrong with it.
I would suggest make a bug report ingame.
I did make a suggestion in game about this.

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