Stat Priorities. What are they?

Just coming back since I stopped raiding icc, didn't wanna play cata.

what's the stat priority in mop now?

running Beastmaster, been doing agi>crit>haste>mastery

Reforging haste or mastery into crit whenever I can, or mastery into haste, Obviously making sure hit capped and expertise capped before I pick the other stats.

also is there a "Best" build and rotation right now?
your stat priorities are Agi>Hit=exp>crit=mastery>haste for beast mastery, use glaive toss and kill cmd on CD, never use rapid fire WITH bestial wrath, don't use focus fire during bestial wrath. Those are the biggest things to do atleast semi-decent dps
09/29/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Hyrue
also is there a "Best" build and rotation right now

Beast and Survival are pretty close with Beast squeaking out a tad bit more in the sims. I will roll Suvival over beasts because the required perfection on the beast dps is too damn high with all the moving we have to do.

^ those are BM stat priorities

Survival is Agil>hit=exp>crit>haste (cobra to 1.66)> mastery

As I said BM is only higher in the sims by a small margin, I just haven't seen it in real world yet. My highest BM run thus far is 39k during a medium movement boss fight. Surv highest on same fight is 43k.

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