You must get bored ally

Do you have fun running around in packs of 15 killing people as soon as they land from flight paths?

I mean 80% of you are all lvl 86.

By the time you manage to rack up 200 HK from camping flight paths for 24 hours I'll ding 90 and come back with friends and wipe you all for hours. GoodLuck leveling! ;)

Ally is just a bunch of baddies, who need to stick in packs of 10+ to even manage to control 1 area. Was pretty fun though taking the entrance to Valley of the Four Winds from you. Took me about 45 minutes to finally wipe, when a lvl 89 hunter and a 90 warrior jumped on me alone. Oh boy was it fun slaying each and every one of you with my brothers and sisters.

You sat there all day attempting to kill me and I have to tell you it was amusing. I couldn't count the number of times you scrubs blew all your CDs to attempt to kill me when I landed from a flight path. I'd wait till about 15% health and pop my bubble hearth (best 50g spent) and enjoyably teleport away. Of course that prob got you off because you managed to make someone teleport. You're just to much of an elitist scrub to realize I was trolling you all. I seriously did it like 20 times today just for fun.

Enjoy staying lvl 86 forever, while the horde slowly levels to 90 and ganks you weeks. Cya around ally scrubbags.

tl;dr : Allies will stay 86 forever til horde dings 90 and camps them for weeks.
Well that was hurtful.
your name summarizes the ally.


Hi mom


Editing some more. please standby


F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5
Yea you better edit that.
No one is squading up to kill you. There's just more of us then there are of you. Don't like it? Server transfer. Don't like that? Tough noogies.
^ this 4 realz?

Attacking people as soon as they land off flight paths is not "squading" up. Are you sure you're playing the right game?

Guess they just really like me. ;)
99% of the time I don't even grief you guys out of pity. But what do expect to happen to you on a pvp server lol?????
Wuh, I'm just saying you ally must get really bored sitting around all day not doing something productive while waiting for your mommy to cook you mac n cheese for dinner. There's no need to get offended Invincible. I'm sure you're a well kind hearted paladin who enjoys questing and lore. You don't have time to grief us either because you spend it all on the forums replying to almost every thread there is.
Hahahahahha, it is so much fun killing you noobs
(-_-) MFW he's level 86
no need to rage its all good fun.
Cry more.
You rolled horde on an ally dominated server. derp? We gank people trying to return or get quests, you landing from a flightpath is just a bonus. "Oh hi there!" Warm welcome!!
09/29/2012 06:51 PMPosted by Bajhéera
(-_-) MFW he's level 86

MFW :^) you look like a fool for not realizing that forums are currently bugged and don't update right away. Click my profile and find out what my real level is. Same goes for you.

The fanboy is strong with this one also.
oh lordy 87! going BIG!
My god, what is this forum 10:1 ally/horde ratio as well ???

Please don't attack my posts!!
Yes actually it probably is 10:1 on darkspear. and the ally are more active in the community because of shear numbers.
By active you mean the fact that 70% of your population is made up of Swifty/Bajheera /Mercader/insertfamousallyherohere fanboys?

Do you all like share fanboy screenshots of your fav YouTube hero?
we also have secret decoder rings

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