You must get bored ally

I actually enjoy not being on the side that is over populated. Better economy, better community, better players, better races and more people to kill
I get it, its a PvP server and Alliance favored due to Swifty and the fan boys who follow him (stop denying it Alliance, Vanilla Vets can tell you that Darkspear was Horde Favored in the beginning). I think the frustration is while questing you can't take a 1 minute walk without passing or getting ganked by a "pack" of Alliance. However part of the fun is ONCE the horde toons hit 90 we will enjoy returning the favor. Only if the Horde grows a set and starts ganking and being cruel to the Alliance as they are to us.

It's all about fun, and a PvP server tends to make it fun for one person and unfun for another. The one who gets the "unfun" end of it, will get their revenge eventually. So let the war commence! I've been waiting for this since EPL got patched with guards, finally a reason to take part in World PvP.

Finally, the Horde on this server needs to stop hiding in dungeons and in Orgrimmar and start being mean to the Alliance, and returning the favor. All we do is Bi*ch and yet we don't do anything about it! Horde start calling out in general chat when an Alliance gang bang takes place (you know it wont be just one of them).

Okay I'm done, but Alliance I hope to make some epic battles with you in the near future.
A DK just stocked me for an hour and a half while i did instances and air born quests. Even waited untill i spawned back from 5 man runs to follow me some more in hopes to gank me... I think horde are doing just fine.
09/30/2012 12:21 AMPosted by Artamus
Only if the Horde grows a set and starts ganking and being cruel to the Alliance as they are to us.

Not all of us are cruel. :) I actually haven't ganked a single horde that's questing. Know why? Because I don't want to be ganked when I'm leveling. It's rude and annoying. The only hordie I killed was one that attempted to kill me, and that was way back in the Jade Forest. Yeah, it's a PvP server, but it peeves me when I get ganked and I'm doing something. If I wanted to PvP, I'd PvP, but when I'm trying to level, I want to quest. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

TL;DR: Not all allies are big meanies! Hah. <3
Oh so this forum is about youtube heros? Let me lay down the lay.

Bajerrah had two of his fanbois gank me, 3v1 while leveling yesterday before hopping in. Swifty got killed threes times by me and my raid today. And the rest of ya'll can go and eat me because this is a bunch of alliance kiddos waving their e-peens around and loling about, in which I respond with this...
What's funny is that you assume its only the ally that spends hours killing each other, I honostly spent a lot of my time lvling camping ally.
lol, And you have no idea that the horde does the same to us?
Yes, I am Horde. And yes, I do agree with all the Alliance here. It is a PvP server... what do you expect?! And Darkspear is dominated by the Alliance... which is why I server transferred and faction changed.. Winning every BG is kind of boring. It also sucks watching Dara Mactire steal all your killing blows. Lol. But in the end.. dont get booty hurt by getting killed in a PvP server, like honestly.. thats dumb
I will say it again..Why complain about PVP on a PVP SERVER!? Xfer to PVE server if you don't want to get's that simple. There is something terribly wrong with you
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if i went panda i would lose a trinket slot, i can't do that not for all the noodles in china.

Pandas dont eat noodles.
09/29/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Alteregó
we also have secret decoder rings

...I want one of those. :(

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