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As I was looking at my capped Justice Points and thinking over the fact I had nothing to spend them on, a thought occurred to me; Blizzard should implement a Justice Points vendor who sells MoP trade good materials like they did for Cataclysm. It would give people a new Justice Point dump once thye had the JP gear they could use so I wouldn't be wasting Justice points.

Edit: Obviously, a vendor selling MoP trade goods for Honor Points should be added at the same time, too.
09/29/2012 11:16 PMPosted by Azræl
I agree they neeed to give us something being capped sucks. I know I can't buy anything anyway but it just seems like a waste to run heroics and get no jp.
That's why they ended up adding the JP/HP Trade good vendors in Cataclysm in 4.1, since people were complaining of having JP to spend but nothing to spend it on.
please let us buy spirits or motes of harmony with JP. PLEASE.
Come Tuesday I will just transfer my JP into honor and buy gear.
09/30/2012 01:57 AMPosted by Melete
Come Tuesday I will just transfer my JP into honor and buy gear.
That's one thing to do, but not everyone enjoys PvP, and would rather be able to use excess JP to get trade goods to use in their professions. And when you've bought up all the honor gear you need, the same thing happens with HP.
Just checking up on this thread. No one else has any thoughts or comments on the matter?
Great idea. And please please please don't put a rep requirement on it, make it work just like the cata one where it only costs jp. The torture is bad enough being forced to do dailies to buy jp/vp gear. The last thing we need is Therazane x 5 when we already have Therazane x 4.

EDIT: It's actually worse than Therazane becuse at least for Therazane I could gain rep by actually doing something fun (dungeons). I'd much prefer tabards for rep than the BC one where each specific dungeon had its own rep. With a tabard, I could run any dungeon I wanted and make some progress. With rep tied to specific dungeons, I'd be funneled into doing specific dungeons for rep while ignoring others.
Glad people like hte idea. It's not too much to ask to want something else to do with my JP when I have no gear to buy.
Justice Points, as they stand now, are essentially useless. I've bought one piece of JP gear and I have already replaced it. I can't buy any others that I could use because they are gated behind reputation, or factions I can't even do dailies with because I need revered with the Golden Lotus to unlock the Shado-Pan or August Celestials!

Blizzard, I really hope you see my suggestion, because I want something to spend my JP on, but I have NOTHING to spend them on now! I'm capped at 4k honor, so I can't even convert my JP into HP.
I really hate running heroics and having the JP I could be earning going to waste because I'm capped and have nothing to spend them on.
WTF we need these new vendors blizzard!
I'd be happy if they'd just put a Justice to Honor vendor near the damn MoP pvp gear vendors.....Wait...I forgot, we play World of DailyCraft, Mists of Commuting now...
09/30/2012 01:57 AMPosted by Melete
Come Tuesday I will just transfer my JP into honor and buy gear.

i have both : /

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