Lets all go to Bloodscalp!!!!

Im tired of endless ques on Darkspear and since Blizz is offering free character migration to Bloodscalp lets make Bloodscalp a good playable pvp realm.. fun for everyone who wants to join.
I would transfer a few if enough people left.
yeah actually it took all the bads away and que time is 2 mins long now for me....

so go eat a richard
09/30/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Xaø
so go eat a richard

Laughed out loud

edit: Still laughing
You should. If everyone with "lol" or "qt" in their name left Darkspear might actually go back to being a good server.
atleast you didn't xfer to illidan. 4+ hr que times daily.
i checked out bloodscalp and it looks pretty damn dead. only 9k toons on the whole server. i would be tempted, but don't want to miss out on world pvp, etc.
You mean, you don't want to miss out on having 5 guys on hand to gank that one poor orc?[/quote]

i have 2 horde toons too. so i play on both sides. i personally am not a ganker. if someone starts crap, i end it..but i rarely start it. let's not act like the horde doesn't gank :)
you mean a randy?

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