Having trouble with my low level monk - help!

I played a monk up to lvl 10, decided to start over with this one. Up front, I think that comments from other players who have played human monks, without fancy BOA gear, would be most helpful. (If you are a Panderan Monk and are doing Elwynn Forest quests, you are also probably overpowered since you guys don't start the Goldshire quests at lvl 5 like humans do, as far as I can tell). When I am able to isolate 1 mob, at my level, I'm usually OK. But when a second mob just pops up (like at Fargodeep Mine), I nearly die. I also nearly died (litreally) fighting Gold Tooth at lvl 7. I have done that quest a hundred times on other classes with no problem, at the same or even lower level. No problem for my hunter, or warlock. End the battle with just about full health. But my level 7 monk nearly dies! WTF is going on. If your advice is to get BOA gear, then that tells me that monks are either poorly designed, or meant for experienced players with access to fancy gear. Shouldn't a new player be able to level a monk without fancy gear, and without dying?

I skipped some quests that I typically do because I didn't think my monk could handle taking on two mobs at level. I skipped the Manhunt quest, because I don't see how my monk can take on 3 mobs - something I do easily with a hunter or warlock at level 10. If you did Manhunt as as level 10 monk without fancy gear, and did't nearly die, I want to hear from you! Also, at Eastvale Logging Camp, I didn't bother trying to get the guard remains because that typically requires taking on 2 Murlocks. If I had a pull, I might be able to get it done, but I don't see a pull at level 5-10. If you were able to kill 2 Murlocks (something my level 10 Warlock or hunter does easily) on a level 10 monk without fancy gear, I want to hear from you! How did you do it without nearly dying?

I do compare classes, and so merely surviving is not really satisfying for me. When I barely kill Gold Tooth on a level 7 monk I feel that I have failed. Are monks AT THIS LEVEL really weak at surviving compared to other classes? (I'm sure you guys with BOAs at level 90 are doing just fine, but that is not my situation.)

I like the graphics, but the lack of survivability right now is frustrating. Yes, I can use healing potions, but my other toons get without them!
Before level 15, you're going to suffer a lot questing without BoA's. But, in the first dungeon you run, you should get some gear and things will start to get easy. I ran Deadmines first and got two blue 1h-swords, my DPS doubled.
accept that you will die a lot because you've no resilience to speak of and you don't gain access to your defensive abilities early on. take heart however, since if you're playing as a windwalker FoF is capable of killing a player at full hp in the lower level brackets unless they've really twinked hard. :p

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