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Area 52
Hey Everyone,
like the title says I'm looking for a guild. I am available every night except saturdays. The raid times have to be between 7pm-1am server time. I am looking for a semi hardcore guild that will be able to get to heroic content and hopefully finish it all. I have recently transferred from a very low populated realm. I quit wow for 10 months right after the first week of DS. I was 8/8 in the first week and never really attempted any other heroic bosses in DS I have been playing since BC and I have always been doing the top tier of content. I have accomplished a lot in a low populated realm. If you have questions feel free to add my battle tag dtp#1375 or just post here with your guild website so I can apply. Ill be on pretty much all day.
Hello, we are in dire need of people to fill our raid spots as most of our raiders quit wow after Dragon Soul. We are looking for a mage/boomkin to be apart of our team. Three other people and I transferred to this server leaving our previous guild in hopes this thriving community could meet our recruitment needs. We are 10m progression guild that's starting fresh and growing.

Were a 10man raid group that just moved to a small guild. Were all friends and would like to get the content down quickly and have fun. Will be doing heroic bosses as well. We need a mage to fill our last dps spot. We start tonight, and will raid tuesday and sunday nights likely 9pm-12am.
Raid Comp:
Death Knight - main
Paladin - if we cannot find a warrior in time, if so he will be ret

Druid - boomkin

Holy Priest

Battletag - Celithe#1101
Hi there. Superfriends is looking for a clothy to fill a progression raid spot. We raid Tues to Thurs, 8:30 to midnight and our past accomplishments include completing DS heroic at 25% nerf.

Contact me in-game for more information.

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