LF Addon for lvl 90 Mage Talents

I typically use Mage Nuggets or ClassTimer in order to manage the various dots and class buffs in my UI, but neither of these addons seem to support tracking of the evocation buff or rune of power.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
I'm sure any addon that tracks buffs could be manually setup with the Spell ID of the buff you get. It's called Invoker's Energy, which has the Spell ID of 116257. Weak/Power Auras, iFilger (I use this), ForteXorcist (I haven't used this is years, not sure), etc.
I know this may sound absurd but have you tried playing without addons for a while? I've found in the past that it helps out my situational awareness immensely. Sure, the addons I DO use don't cover everything but after playing without them for a couple weeks it's a LOT easier to keep track of those extra couple of talents/spells.

Anyway, good luck and grats on 90! I'll join that club eventually. ^.^
Yeah I tried to configure ClassTimer and Mage Nuggets using the spell name/ID, but neither of them worked properly for Invoker's Energy.
I still haven't been able to find a reliable addons which track's Invoker's Energy or rune of power, any suggestions?
Needtoknow and Tellmewhen.
I use Tell Me When to track Invokers energy. You can set it up with timer to show when it need to be refreshed.
I use SBF, old and broken as it is, but forte will do the same thing im sure. I like to create big giant icons with timers or bars depending on the spell im tracking.
Really, Rune of Power has it's own power aura. And invocation would be trivial to have something pop up when you have x seconds remaining on the buff.

So power auras or weak auras. You can probably google import strings for weak auras.
Well, NeedToKnow should probably work. If it doesn't, the author is in my guild so I can ask him to fix it, just email me at roglof@atonementguild.com
Third for Weak Auras. Should be able to track both without trouble, has a pretty good config UI.
weak auras works perfectly.

set up a progress bar in about 2 mins. Makes an airhorn sound if I'm bad enough to let it drop off. Very easy to see.

All, just an FYI

After a feedback letter to the developer, Mage Nuggets v. 3.09 now supports tracking for Invoker's Energy buff and notifies you when it is not up.
Any ideas on Rune of Power? In a group it's not so bad... but if you're raiding - or fighting bosses that require you to stack - it's impossible to see your circle over the healers' circles...

I can generally remember where my circle is in the mess, but it'd be nice for a reminder/warning that it's about to expire.
10/02/2012 07:07 AMPosted by Lhivera
Third for Weak Auras. Should be able to track both without trouble, has a pretty good config UI.

Yep, I have a profile I found online for RoP, which is literally the hardest thing to track ever. EVER.

I am not sure if it is ok to put the import string in here, it is quite massive?'

W/E, here is the Weak Auras profile for RoP. Tracks 2, but I couldn't figure out why the "buff not active" part wouldn't work:

That's awesome, Incendium; I'll try it out tomorrow. Would you mind if I make that available in the Compendium?

FTR, the devs understand the shortcomings in tracking Rune's time remaining. Can't say if or when it'll be improved, but I do know it's something they're keeping in mind.
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09/30/2012 11:29 AMPosted by Zedickus
I typically use Mage Nuggets or ClassTimer in order to manage the various dots and class buffs in my UI, but neither of these addons seem to support tracking of the evocation buff

Um... Did you update it?

It's "Invoker's Energy". I use Mage Nuggets and it's DEFINITELY supported.

Edit: Granted, I just noticed you made this thread weeks ago...

09/30/2012 11:29 AMPosted by Zedickus
or rune of power.

That one, however, I will agree with. MN should update for that.

10/15/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Incendium
Yep, I have a profile I found online for RoP, which is literally the hardest thing to track ever. EVER.

Well it's hard enough to use effectively, so might as well make it hard enough to track as well. *chuckles*
10/15/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Lhivera
Would you mind if I make that available in the Compendium?

Yea go for it. I don't take credit for this, I found it in some other forum

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