No ele/rest drops from heroics

Ok so i've ran like 20 heroics and at least and I haven't got a single piece of loot even drop, all I see is pure agility, anyone else having the same problem???
I've noticed the ele/resto pool of items is rather small. Everything seems to be plate or cloth.
Heh, I have the same problem. Intel mail gear never really drops, all that drops is plate and mail agility.
09/30/2012 02:21 PMPosted by Velsham
Heh, I have the same problem. Intel mail gear never really drops, all that drops is plate and mail agility.

Heaven knows you need something to protect that exposed nether-region of yours!
Sha of Doubt kills (Heroic Temple of the Jade Serpent) 2
Yan-Zhu the Uncasked kills (Heroic Stormstout Brewery) 1
Xin the Weaponmaster kills (Heroic Mogu'shan Palace) 1
Taran Zhu kills (Heroic Shado-Pan Monastery) 1
Raigonn kills (Heroic Gate of the Setting Sun) 1
Flameweaver Koegler kills (Heroic Scarlet Halls) 0
High Inquisitor Whitemane kills (Heroic Scarlet Monastery) 1
Darkmaster Gandling kills (Heroic Scholomance) 0
Wing Leader Ner'onok kills (Heroic Siege of Niuzao Temple) 2

You've completed 9 heroic dungeons

I'm up to 37 clears of the various dungeons (matched both ingame & on the armory) & I've seen (but not won) upgrades for every slot, and for every slot there are at least 2 options available with the exception of the Helm.

However... it's a running joke in my guild that whenever I run with a guild group upwards of 75% of the gear that drops ends up being either cloth gear or agility gear >.>
whattttt! im Enchance.. and from 85-90 instance and heroics i have NEVER seen mail AGILITY pieces... only int. i guess im gonna be borinnggg elemental in mop
I am not sure how many heroics i've run, but it has been a lot. I've begun queuing specifics for the particular pieces I still have left. I'm capped on Valor anyways (have been for days)...which sort of tells you I've run at least 30.
I have every piece of mail intel gear, the haste/mastery matching slots. All spirit necks/rings. Neither caster trinket will drop or rings. I also have both shields and all staves/1h caster weapons save the epic out of jade temple and the staff out of school.

You may have to run more instances before you start complaining. I no-lifed the last 4 days to be at my best for Tuesday. Doesn't help though, cause my guilds Mage and lock who are both far behind my ilvl still stomp me on non add fights. Aff is completely retaded and all mages are op.

GL getting gear. Btw all we see is caster gear drop. Specifically mail caster and it's been that way for so long now. Since I switched to eoe from my warrior it hasn't changed.
What the !@#$ Blizz fix this %^-*
Run with guildies? The only pieces I'm really missing are MH, maybe a trinket, maybe a shield, belt, boots, and shoulders. Unfortunately, siege has the belt, boots, and maybe trinket (along with a chance at epic legs).
Everything im wearing ive gotten in the past few days. Not sure if its bad luck or what on your part.
Yeah, I've only been doing heroic for a couple days and I got quite a few pieces. Hell I was even amazed when the first epic I see drop in MoP was caster mail legs... in a slot I had a green in still nontheless! The loot drops, but random is random.
It certainly feels like that for me a lot. I can't get any kind of Heroic boots or the cloak from Hoptallus. I had to fall back on PvP boots for the time being, which thankfully they're still viable for PvE since they have the same stats as PvE boots now, just with added PvP stats on top of them.

Of course, with Tuesday seeing the release of Mogu'shan Vaults, I'll probably be replacing a lot of the stuff with LFR gear anyway in preparation for the guild to start raiding normal modes.
I've managed to get all of my gear. Would be nice to get the spirit mace from gate or the cloak from brewery though (never seen them drop). I think i've done close to 50 heroics however lol (if you include the heroics in which I left if the remaining bosses had no loot for me).

There you go. This guide will tell you where to go.
Glad to see this post , i have done so many heroics (50+). I have far more enhance heroic gear then my main specs resto and elemental . It is so crazy . Where is the Resto LOVE blizz !!!!
Ehh we equip the least used gear that is not usable by any other class. Why would they have a lot of drops? Just keep grinding away. That is what this time is all about anyway.
Certainly feels like int mail hardly drops when I see so much agility gear dropping but I've only had time for about 12-16 heroics (not sure where to find a nice layout of what I've run other than slogging through my activity feed).

I'm ending up getting a number of crafted items to be 'ready' for raiding tonight. Still low on gear but I'm one of 5 healers at 90 right now so if we get 25 90s online in time (long server queues) I'll be there and healing tonight.

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