No ele/rest drops from heroics

Its because we're the only class using int/spirit mail.
It's hard, my last item to acquire was Metanoia Shield off Janice Barov. Followed by the caster mace off Raigon and the wrist off Scholo First boss. Luckily for me my random seems to always land on Scholo for some reason which I drop after 2nd boss.

Gate of the Setting Sun is terribly easy and quick. Blow Bloodlust on first boss > Skip trash by running to Elevator > 2nd boss > 3rd Boss > Blow CDs on Raigonn weak spot > Proft the run barely takes 13 minutes.

The one I hate most is Stormstout Brewery where the last boss affixes will annoy the crap out of you when people don't know how to stand between the lines and burst the boss for the Yeast affix.

And Niuzao is rather annoying when people don't pickup bombs and lob it at the boss. However on the good side, you can clean the first boss in 8 seconds if you do the 3 slime pack stacking which also makes the initial few trash really less painful and time consuming.
Still no luck getting the Bracers from Scholomance, the cloak from Brewery and the Mace from either Gate or Temple (the one in Temple is going to be really hard to get). The woes of a random loot system...
I'm telling you guys there is some type of curse in heroics right now! I was getting almost nothing but caster gear until just today running heroics and got lucky with 4 pieces of gear.
14 finished heroics.. not a single upgrade.
I haven't seen one piece drop ever in the history of World of Warcraft...
To be fair, Ele/Resto does have fewer Heroic drops. However, I did the math and it's not so bad as you make it out to be. Check out
and its Resto page as well.
For heroic drops you have:
Helm - 1
Shoulders - 1
Chest - 2
Wrists - 1
Hands - 2
Belt - 2
Legs - 2
Boots - 2
Total - 13
And while it's nice that they -can- double as Resto gear, you'd have to reforge them to be effective, so you basically still need two sets to do both jobs. And you -could- snap up some cloth gear, but that's obviously sub-optimal.

Compare that to Mage/Lock/Spriest:
Helm - 3
Shoulders - 3
Chest - 3
Wrists - 2
Hands - 3
Belt - 2
Legs - 2
Boots - 2
Total - 20
But then that's split between the clothies in-group. So there are 50% more cloth drops, but they're split between 3 classes. Not terrible when you think about it.

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