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Hi, I have reached (actually level 30 now) and have gotten a pop-up quest saying I need to see Master Cheng, for the "Begin Your Training: Master Cheng" quest. I have found Master Cheng (elf) at the Peaks of Serenity and I can't get her to start my training. They have a chat bubble and I click on it and it just has her say something like: "I hate seeing monks get hurt..." and then just has the click on button "goodbye". So I have to click on "Goodbye" to exit.

How do I get her to start my training?
hmm I haven't really leveled my monk much yet, have you checked out the comments on that quest they can be super helpful
I figured out what the problem was: The chat bubble for the *real* Master Cheng wasn't working, so I abandoned the quest and restarted it again, and it appeared.

Thanks for the help Jilixx, I had forgotten about Wowhead. That's a great website for finding info about specific things about WoW :D

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