[BUG] Mogu'shan Palace - last boss room DC

Bug Report
Every time I enter the last room (contraining the last boss) in Mogu'shan palace, I DC. I don't experience disconnect anywhere else. It's not always consisten- sometimes it's right when I enter the room, sometimes it's when we're clearing out the trash, sometimes it's int he middle of the boss fight, and sometimes it happens at the end during loot rules.

It's quite bad since I'm the healer. :(
I also experience this every time I'm in this dungeon. It's very frustrating. The dc's only start after the second boss. I haven't had this in any other MoP dungeon.
I have this same issue on all of my toons.

The issue starts at the lift just before the last boss. Its like i'm lagging just at the lift... My partner nsitting next to me would be on the lift waiting and i'm still witing for it to come down. on my screen it look like the lift bounces from bottom to top quickly with no wait. on his it waits... So I dead this bos because I have to try many times to get on the lift >_>.

Then you can guarantee i will then DC in the boss room...

Thankfully i have not DC'ed during a boss fight YET!!

Like Momo I have don't dc in any other dungeon or anywhere else in this dungeon... just from the lift to the end boss..

Oh and after i log back in.... My Party chat stops working??? Now thats odd!!! I can type in any other channel just not party.....

I have even dced tonight while trying to hnd in the quests after the boss... annoying much!!!
I am also experience crash to desktop upon the approach to the last boss and will crash prior to last boss encounter. During encounter however I have not CTD it is just going to him while clearing trash. Any update on this?
I experience the exact same thing. It's only this dungeon, and only the last boss room.
Something similar is happening to me, both the issues with the elevator that Lianara mentioned and DCing at the start of the boss fight in that last room. I experience complete lockup and have to hard exit in order to get logged back in.

I am also a healer, which means the party I am with suffers because of my DC!
I also have experienced this three times over the course of the last week when tanking on my paladin. Starting at the elevator to the last boss. One time after three consecutive DCs I just had my guildies kick me and pug a tank to finish.
I also have problems in this dungeon. The disconnect/lag issue starts after the second boss going onto the elevator. Similar to others above the lift appears quickly and looks glitchy opposed to moving smooth and slow. Players move rapidly and look glitchy. I am almost always DC'ed before pulling the 1st mob on the second floor. Random disconnects persists for the remainder of the instance. I have been disconnected as many as 8 times in a row leading up to the final boss. This is the only instance I have encountered any problems with thus far.
I have had the game lock up on two separate occasions in this dungeon but only in the final room. The first time was during the boss fight in the middle of a Killing Spree. The second time was on the four animated statues in the middle of a shadow step. Rather than DC me or even crash to the desktop, I am forced to manually kill the game from the Task Manager. Like other this is the only instance and specific occurrence of this issue.
I also experience this.
i dc every time i hit the trash for the last boss, sucks cause im the priest
Likewise. I had this happen twice last night.

I'm simply going to not run the dungeon anymore, until there's a note about it being fixed. I like the dungeon and all, but you just know it's coming.
I always disconnect on the trash immediately following the elevator. I usually DC in the last room, sometimes during the boss fight. This happens for me in both regular and heroic modes.

I'm the tank, so it's not pretty. I feel like it would be irresponsible of me to continue tanking pugs if I know this is going to happen.
I am also having this issue, multiple DCs everytime im In the bosses room, and the Elevator is really glitched for me, it doesn't stop when it gets to the bottom or top, I have to time the jump.

And when Im with other people they like disapear/phase when they jump on the elevator like 5 seconds before it hits the bottom, and they tell me I just appear out of no where when I jump off.
Same problem, after the elevator, my screen frozen at any moment, on trash on boss, or just walking, just this place, im a healer so i warn the party to do readychecks before pulls :/
this happens to me as well, glad to see its not just me, would love to see a blue post about this kthnx
It started to seem to be a little too frequent to be mere coincidence. Same issue, disconnect before the last room, and can't talk on party chat after I come back. Happens on multiple characters.
Ditto for me. Elevator visual glitch, and then a hard freeze anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes later. I wonder if there's an add-on the people experiencing this have in common. I haven't tried disabling any add-ons to experiment.
this is also happening to me - all my toons, only the last boss in mogu'shan palace. it's pretty rare for me to dc at all, so this is very noticable.

i wonder, looking at these notes - is there any pattern , other than where we are in the instance?

i think this happens on all my toons, even the ones that are not healing. but the addons and setup i use are consistant - i don't turn things on and off depending on if i happen to be dps that run. So, is this happening to anyone who has not ever healed?
Five weeks later, and still getting this problem. Sometimes I enter the instance, and the lift waits down the bottom for a couple of seconds, then other times it just bounces off the bottom making it annoying to get onto. Shortly after, my whole game freezes and I'm forced to Alt+F4 and re-log. It seems to only happen when the lift doesn't wait, as noted above.

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