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I am having serious world lag. Home is around 68 like always but world hits around 1500-2500. Can you guys please do something to fix this. there was not this much lag the day mop came out. Thank you.
I'm having the same issue. No problems before today but I keep getting massive lag spikes and then d/c.
Still some major lag issues.... around 2:30pm Nagrand server time (which is same as Standard Eastern Australian Time). Game basically froze as far as my toons was concerned.. I could still change targets and move around in the Coren Direbrew instance - but all other toons were frozen and I couldn't perform any actions.

Game had been fine before this... but had 2 or 3 major lag spikes / game "freezes" that required me to kill and restart the client.
I'm having this exact same problem. It happens especially in BG's, i will just have a huge lag spike i can still move around but everyone else is running on the spot, and usually my home ping is below 300 but my world ping is like 3k, and its extremely frustrating when i'm just about to get into a fight and i have a huge lag spike and then when it speeds up and goes back to normal i'm dead.

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