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I know where they are found, first of all. I went there last night around 10-11pm server time and despawned them all looking for a rare, to no avail. Waited until almost 12am server time for them to respawn, and they weren't respawning even when I continually killed the big roaming Razorthorn Flayer mobs. Went to bed, got up this morning and found them all respawned at ~6am server time (I don't sleep much) and despawned them again looking for the rare. Came back around 10:30am server time to see if they had respawned and they hadn't; not a single one. What's the deal? Anyone figured out the spawn conditions for these? It can't be a PM-only spawn. Is it just a several-hour-long spawn?

EDIT: Left the computer for a few minutes shortly after that post. When I came back (10:59 server time -- not 11) a very small handful of them had spawned. Curious. Will be patrolling heavily to see if any more pop up.
I don't know the spawn conditions for it, all i can say is keep coming back and looking I eventually upgraded my Uncommon Flayer to a Rare.
Also worth noting that I had a friend invite me to his server last night and I could see/fight/catch other pets in Hellfire Peninsula, but none of these. Not sure if they just weren't up or if it was a realm phasing issue.

At the time I came back and looked for them this morning, I checked in /who on both Horde and Alliance to ask if anyone was actively despawning them, and no one was. Rules that out, unless I just barely missed whoever was killing them off.
Came back an hour later and there were more, but nowhere near as many as there were last night. Signs seem to suggest that it's just a very very slow respawn, but I'd love to hear from others.
Another update...I got an invite to a friend's server again. This time, it worked, and there were flayer younglings everywhere, same as last night on my server. Found my rare on the first shot, but went around checking them all to see if there were any rares with better stats. Despawned them all within a few minutes, and they actually continued to respawn slowly. This was a bit after 12pm server time. This may be the peak time for them to spawn.
High five for being able to get a Rare. The Rare I got had a Attack Nature. He's gonna be a good Powerhouse.
Mine is a haste junkie. Good for Blitz and Reflection. :)
I think there is a correlation from player activity/zone popularity and the spawns.

On the wekeend there were about 4 people farming and were always 2-3 flayers up, only managed an uncommon. weekday I clear out the whole area and maybe one or two.
Remains to be seen, I suppose. Giving this thread a final bump with the knowledge that my new Flayer is probably the best pet I've ever owned so far. It's at least on par if not better than my rare giraffe, which can stun as well as do high damage/healing. That instant reflect has trolled many a pandaren monk on this day.
Reflect and the Stun Kick come in handy when you outspeed mobs. I also run Triple snap for Critter Coverage.
Well, I was over the area where the Flayers are supposed to spawn about 6p server and nothing was there. I then finished up my other pet collecting and returned to the area about 9p server. I actually found one for the first time since I decided to collect all the pets, However it was only a poor quality. I caught it nonetheless. I decided to continue flying around the area and there was actually one more and upon battle it was BLUE! So there IS a rare quality Flayer Youngling out there! I can attest to it!

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