Old Mind Flay Animation Glyph Please

There are countless mobs throughout Azeroth that still use the old blueish Mind Flay animation, so it seems that this request could be easily be served by implementing a new minor glyph of mind flay that allows priest to have the old animation for this spell. I thought the old mind flay animation was one of the coolest spells in the game and it is one of the main reasons I chose to roll spriest initially in vanilla. Perhaps I am alone in this sentiment, but if not please, fellow spriests, back me up here :)
I agree! Do it.
Lets do it!
I don't even remember what it looks like anymore...

and signed.
The fact that the old mind flay animation actually gave us a shadow priest feel
when channeled it actually looked like we were assaulting the enemies mind!
Man I loved it!

Bring it back as a minor glyph like stated above.

Also I'm I the only one who notices all the cool spell animations mobs get?
I saw some mob casting vial spirit or something , purple looking spell, stuns the target in place
and in one of the 5 man dungeons some mobs cast an aoe shadow bolt spell so sick! Me wants :/
I agree
never understood why they removed it in the first place /signed
at least it would give us another glyph choice.
I still think the new animation blows the old out of the water, but whatever floats your boat. It certainly doesn't hurt to have more customization options.
I too wish to melt face again! signed!
My Mind Flay beam has been coming from the retracted arm since Vanilla. >.>
I would like this as a minor glyph as well. I miss the blue!

But I could see why they changed the graphic.

For example PvP-wise (I don't PvP myself, but its just an example), I remember that the blue Mind-flay would draw much more attention to me in PvP since it has a snare effect. Once they noticed the snare effect on them they would rush to me to kill me. This happens a LOT less now that Mind Flay is a purple-ish color. It doesn't stand out as much.

Meh. My .02


TL;DR - I too vote for the minor glyph!

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