[H] Warrior Tank LFG late night raiding guild

Looking for a guild to raid with around 10ish EST (somewhat flexible, but definitely late) for several hours and hopefully 3-4 nights a week, possibly more if the situation calls for it. Mostly heroic geared and collecting more each day.

Would prefer a somewhat laid back guild with people who will put forth some effort in seeing new content and know their class/job but won't lose their minds if something goes wrong. I've done pretty much everything in Vanilla, BC, and WotLK WoW (mostly skipped Cata however) in most roles at one time or another, and just want to have some fun and down some content with people who know what they're doing but also remember that it's just a game.

Either post here or pst in game if it seems like I fit the bill for what your guild is looking for. Thanks.

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