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Pet Battles
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I've been farming for rare quality, unique zone pets and I created this list. It ONLY includes battle pets that are unique to each zone. The number after the zone name indicates the level of pets.

Hopefully someone else will find it useful too.


Ashenvale: 4-5
-Rusty Snail

Azshara: 3-5
-Turquoise Turtle

Azuremyst Isle: 1
-Grey Moth

Bloodmyst Isle: 3-5
-Ravager Hatchling

Darkshore: 3-5
-Shimmershell Snail
-Darkshore Cub

Desolace: 7-8
-Horny Toad
-Stone Armadillo

Durotar: 1
-Creepy Crawly

Dustwallow Marsh: 12
-Spawn of Onyxia

Felwood: 14
-Tainted Moth
-Tainted Rat

Feralas: 11
-Nether Faerie Dragon

Moonglade: 15

Mulgore: 1
-Gazelle Fawn

Northern Barrens: 3
-Cheetah Cub

Southern Barrens: 9
-Giraffe Calf

Silithus: 16
-Qiraji Guardling (summer spawn)

Stonetalon Mountains: 5-6
-Coral Snake
-Venomspitter Hatchling

Tanaris: 13
-Sand Kitten
-Silithid Hatchling

Teldrassil: 1
-Crested Owl

Thousand Needles: 13
-Twilight Iguana

Un’goro Crater: 15
-Diemetradon Hatchling
-Spotted Bell Frog

Winterspring: 17
-Snowy Owl (winter spawn)
-Rabbot (possibly removed from game)

Arathi Highlands: 7
-Grasslands Cottontail
-Tiny Twister

Badlands: 13
-King Snake

Blasted Lands: 16

Burning Steppes: 15
-Lava Beetle

Cape of Stranglethorn: 9
-Baby Ape (spawns when raining)

Deadwind Pass: 16-17
-Restless Shadling (spawns at night)

Dun Morogh: 1
-Snow Cub
-Irradiated Roach (New Tinkertown)

Duskwood: 5-6
-Dusk Spiderling
-Rat Snake
-Widow Spiderling (spawns at night)

Eastern Plaguelands: 12
-Festering Maggot

Elwynn Forest: 1
-Black Lamb
-Stormwind Rat

Eversong Woods: 1
-Ruby Sapling

Ghostlands: 3-5
-Spirit Crab

Hillsbrad Foothills: 6
-Infested Bear Cub

Hinterlands: 11
-Jade Oozeling

Loch Modan: 3-5
-Little Black Ram

Northern Stranglethorn: 7-8

Redridge Mountains: 3-5
-Fledgling Buzzard
-Mountain Cottontail
-Redridge Rat

Searing Gorge: 13
-Ash Spiderling
-Molten Hatchling

Silverpine Forest: 3-5
-Blighted Squirrel

Swamp of Sorrows: 14
-Swamp Moth

Tirisfal Glades: 1
-Lost of Lordaeron
-Undercity Rat

Western Plaguelands: 10

Westfall: 3
-Tiny Harvester

Wetlands: 6
-Tiny Bog Beast

Blade’s Edge Mountains: 19
-Scalded Basilik Hatchling
-Skittering Cavern Crawler

Hellfire Peninsula: 17

Nagrand: 18
-Clefthoof Runt

Netherstorm: 20
-Fledgling Nether Ray
-Nether Roach

Shadowmoon Valley: 20
-Fel Flame

Terokkar Forest: 18
-Warpstalker Hatchling
-Flayer Youngling

Zangarmarsh: 18
-Sporeling Sprout

Borean Tundra: 21
-Oily Slimeling
-Borean Marmot

Crystalsong Forest: 22

Dragonblight: 22
-Dragonbone Hatchling

Grizzly Hills: 21
-Imperial Eagle Chick

Howling Fjord: 21
-Fjord Rat
-Fjord Worg Pup
-Devouring Maggot

Icecrown: 22
-Scourged Whelping

Sholazar Basin: 21
-Stunted Shardhorn

Storm Peaks: 22
-Arctic Fox Kit

Zul'Drak: 22
-Water Waveling

Deepholm: 22-23
-Crimson Geode
-Crystal Beetle
-Deepholm Cockroach
-Fungal Moth
-Stowaway Rat
-Tiny Shalespider

Mount Hyjal: 22-23
-Carrion Rat
-Death’s Head Cockroach
-Fire-Proof Roach
-Nordrassil Wisp
-Grotto Vole

Twilight Highlands: 23
-Highlands Turkey
-Twilight Fiendling
-Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling
-Yellow-Bellied Marmot

Uldum: 23
-Leopard Scorpid
-Tol’vir Scarab

Vashj'ir: 22-23

Dread Wastes: 24
- Rapana Whelk
- Resilient Roach
- Emperor Crab

Jade Forest: 23-24
- Bucktooth Flapper
- Coral Adder
- Emerald Turtle
- Garden Frog
- Gilded Moth
- Grove Viper
- Jumping Spider
- Jungle Darter
- Leopard Tree Frog
- Masked Tanuki
- Masked Tanuki Pup
- Mirror Strider
- Sandy Petrel
- Spirebound Crab
- Temple Snake
- Wild Crimson Hatchling (requires Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent)
- Wild Golden Hatchling (requires Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent)
- Wild Jade Hatchling (requires Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent)

Kun-Lai Summit: 23-24
- Alpine Foxling Kit
- Plains Monitor
- Prairie Mouse
- Summit Kid
- Szechuan Chicken
- Tolai Hare
- Tolai Hare Pup
- Zooey Snake

Krasarang Wilds: 23-24
- Amethyst Spiderling
- Jungle Grub
- Luyu Moth
- Savory Beetle
- Spiny Terapin

Townlong Steppes: 24
- Grassland Hopper
- Kuitan Mongoose
- Mongoose
- Mongoose Pup
- Yakrat

Vale of Eternal Blossoms: 23-24
- Dancing Water Skimmer
- Effervescent Glowfly
- Golden Civet
- Golden Civet Kitten
- Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog

Valley of the Four Winds: 23-24
- Malayan Quillrat Pup
- Marsh Fiddler
- Shy Bandicoon
- Sifang Otter
- Softshell Snapling
- Amorous Rooster
- Sifang Otter Pup
- Wild Silkworm
Wow, this is really dedication. I'm re-falling in love with this game.
That's very useful, thank you.
Ashenvale also has that one cub! i have a spreadsheet I've been working on, I may be able to share with you via googledocs? I didnt complete it, i got a little side tracked, but it has most of the pets on it...
wow is all i can say very helpful *edited for sticky*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great post! Requested for sticky.
Oooh another cub in Ashenvale ... I didn't know. Let me know the name and I'll add it. Thanks Urszula.
Very helpful.
Great work Twixi! Requested for sticky!
Semoene got Tamer achiv? Just wandering =)
Requested sticky. Very helpful. Thanks for your info.
Thank you, makes me have some renewed faith in the goodness of the people of Wow.
please sticky
Just wanted to sign in to say thanks for the guide, much appreciated!!

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