Symbiosis prot pally gives wrath?

Bug Report
In heroics tonight when I had symbiosis cast on myself I was receiving wrath instead of the expected barkskin(I'm a prot pally.) What am I supposed to do with wrath!?
Yea, the same thing happened with me. I was tanking a random heroic with my druid guildy and whenever she cast symbiosis on me, I recieved Wrath instead.
I'm getting wild mushrooms as a blood DK, gimme back my Might of Ursoc plz :(
Yesterday as a Brewmaster, I was getting Survival Instincts from Symbiosis.

Today as a Brewmaster, I was getting Bear Hug.

I am very much hoping this is a bug.
Thought i'd enlighten you guys if you hadnt seen the hotfixes yet:
Symbiosis has been changed, and now grants the following abilities:

Protection warriors - Stampeding Shout
Blood death knights - Wild Mushroom: Plague Protection
Protection paladins - Wrath
Brewmaster monks - Bear Hug

IMO: Wrath for prot pally is completely useless, it isnt nature damage so it isnt boosted by our holy damage increasing ability, we already have other ranged abilitys to get threat on mobs, and a cast bar when you have things beating on you SUCKS.
yeah... barkskin or this?

what is this nonsense?

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