Good Pets for Pet-Battles and Leveling Tips!

Pet Battles
okay so I know most pets should be balanced and what not, but is there any pets that are fairly strong in pet battles? Currently i'm using phonix hatchling, moonkin hatchling and a red moth.

also, does anyone know any fast leveling tips for your pets?

thanks again,
I use an Onyxian Hatchling and a Pandaran Monk and they are pretty good (I am trying to decide what to use as a third currently), but then again one of them is bought and one is very rare. I think that most likely, the rarer the pet, the better, but I am sure that that is not true in ll cases.
I started with a green Mechanical Squirrel, green Peddlefeet (humanoid) and blue Disgusting Oozeling (Magic) and took them to 20 with few problems.

They worked well because most wild battle pets are Critters and Beasts. Mechanicals do 50% more damage to Beasts. Humanoids take 33% less damage from Criiters.

The most common wild battle pets after Critter and Beast are Aquatic and Flying. Magic battle pets do 50% more damage to Flying types and take 33% less damage from Aquatic types so Disgusting Oozeling could handle those.

Peddlefeet does 50% more damage against Dragonkin so he easily handled the Dustwallow Marsh Pet Tamer with 3 dragonkin.

The classes that I was weakest against (Undead, Elemental, Magic) are rare in the wild.

In Hellfire Peninsula, I couldn't defeat the Pet tamer with 3 level 20 Mechanicals. I'm leveling a team with 3 that do Elemental damage to handle them. The other approach would be to take my team to level 25 and then I would probably be able to handle them due to the level advantage.
What is good depends on what you want to do with them.

You could go Pandaran monk, sheep, and something else to make use of high DPS attacks, beasting down your opponents but risking failure.

You could go heals/tank, using hots and dots and stuns to lock your opponent up and whittle them down in a war of attrition.

Or any other strategy or mix of strategies really, the ability to circumvent beasts and critters with their hard counters is a potent strategy, at some point it is advisable to work it into your grind to 25.
Mr Grubbs and/or an ooze can solo any three pets of similar level.

Basically, you want one sustain pet in case you get in trouble or traps repeatedly fail. That is one with a heal but a decent attack like Onyxia whelpling or an Ooze, etc.

You then want one high dps pet. I use pandaran monk but he's actually not that great, you'd prefer one strong vs beasts or critters which is what you are mostly facing.

The third pet is whatever you like. I usually open with a pet of low level do an attack then switch it out. That way I'm power leveling a pet I want later.
Granted my main pets are only 11-15 but I've really like the Turquoise Turtle & the Giraffe Calf as ones not having to be bought from the Blizz pet store. My Azure Whelpling is doing pretty well too but I haven't tried taking any of those into pvp battles yet so all 3 might be worthless. To help you get to 25 though they maybe a nice help.
For power leveling a new batch of pets, the most effective way I've found is to battle at a location near a Stable Master and a lot of wild pets.

There's a location to the east and west of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight (surrounding the skeletons) that's pretty popular, but it's not the only one. The pets there are a mix of Flying, Aquatic, and Critter types.

The best location I've found so far is the area around Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds. There's tons of wild pets, the pets are at a higher level (more EXP), the Stable Master is just as close as in Dragonblight, there's less people leveling there (as Pandaria doesn't have CRZ enabled yet), and the pets are almost all of a single type: Critter.

To actually level up, you need to start off with the pet you're trying to level, and have it use any ability at least once (doesn't matter if it misses). Then switch to one of your higher leveled pets and finish them off. You can double the amount of experience your pet receives by finishing the battle with the Explode ability, making it so that the pet you're trying to level is the only one left alive, and granting it 100% of the exp gained from the fight.


Alternatively, if you have enough confidence that your pet can deal some damage, you can start off with your stronger pet, use it to defeat the majority of the team and weaken the 3rd opponent, then let your own pet die, and finish the battle with the leveling pet. Weakening Blow could also help with a strategy like this, but the only pet that has it is a bit rare.

Weakening Blow:

If you can't set it up so that your pet gets 100% of the EXP, then you should try to level 2 pets at the same time. Any EXP gained from a battle will be split evenly between all pets that used at least one ability, and are alive at the end of the fight.

If you're only leveling a single pet, then that pet will get 50% of the EXP from the fight. If you level 2 pets, each of them will get 33% of the EXP, and you'll get a total of 66% from that fight.
One of my mainstays (especially vs Critters) is Snow Cub/Cheetah Cub (You could also use Panther cub), because at level 4 they get Devour which heals them if it deals the finishing blow. And with my rare Cheetah, I use Prowl because his speed is 170 @ level 14.

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