Odd Graphical errors, only in MoP.

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For the past few days I've noticed just a few things.

I've noticed Odd screen Anomalies, such as random parts of my UI being Black, such as the bottom 1/8 of my screen.

My Power Aura graphics haven't been working, after doing a bit of Google Searching, the author said that sometimes it can be linked to graphical issues.

also, not sure if this is just me, but on the Calender, some of the Event Dates are just a green Square. instead of having text and a background.

My Video Cards up to date, I run an older ATI 5670. Haven't found a game that I can't run comfortably yet. The Drivers are updated.

I monitor temps or both my GPU and CPU and they're both fine. I also monitor Usage of both my GPU and CPU as well as fan speeds.

I'm honestly stuck here. Any suggestions?
Go to WoW folder, then delete Cache folder inside (not one in WoW\Data\Cache)
10/01/2012 10:43 PMPosted by Kalganized
Go to WoW folder, then delete Cache folder inside (not one in WoW\Cache)

I'll try that and let you know. This whole time I've figured it was an issue relating to my GPU, I never actually thought to try the Normal wow fix.

I feel like a Nub.

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