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Hello. I am an officer in a small rp guild. Moonglade Sentinels is small for a reason. We like friendly laid back, casual rpers who are into the Night Elf culture, but not to the exclusion of other races. Only a few of us now, due to attrition of people leaving for greener pastures and smaller servers or just different games.

I have been asked to do some recruiting. I know how hard this is in the server with such a large population and plenty of big level 25 guilds. So I am asking, what is the appeal of a small guild versus a big one? Is it the smaller amount of drama? The general lack of griefing if you want to rp with a small number of people and not a huge group?

I want to know what it is that appeals to people who are looking for a guild. What can we offer to make us special and not the same old tired but almost impossible promises of:

1. We help you level and offer dungeon runs. (we can do this, but it is up to you the player to make an effort)

2. Mats for leveling professions. (nice to offer but I find most people sell their mats for gold)

3. Groups for dungeons. (this appeals to me on a couple levels, I like having guild runs to level the guild, and knowing who you are running with and that they actually are accountable for their actions is nice)

4. Advice as to gear and class. (new expansion is fun, but are you as confused as I am at some of the changes? I don't like getting yelled at when I am struggling to learn something. Be patient and helpful and I will love you long time!)

5. Rp. I love it and have no hesitation in helping someone to learn. What better place to find a partner than a guild with friendly people looking for some conversation and friendships?

Ok your turn, I listed some of the things I enjoy about a smaller guild. Can I hear a few more or some suggestions?
I’ve been in smaller guilds before (less than a dozen actual members) and sometimes I miss it.

There is a much higher value placed on guild camaraderie and the sense of family. You don’t suffer a fool because you need that person on your raid team. You pick quality members and you’re not afraid to say no to potential applicants in order to keep a wholesome, respectful atmosphere.

One of the things I dislike about larger guilds (let’s say 50 people and up) is that you start losing members to inside cliques.

If I were to look for another guild, a small one would definitely interest me. One that would be able to hold guild dungeon runs would be great, because most of us know the horror of LFG. Also, the 35+ minute wait for a normal MoP instance is kinda frustrating.

The ability to be worked into the guild’s RP, or at least be welcomed into other guild member’s RP is awesome. Having members that are flexible and are willing to work with you to make a good story for all? Extra points!

And, regardless of what size you are – guildmembers who don’t constantly gripe and complain, can demonstrate respect towards each other, and have a sense of humor that excludes the use of slurs.

tl;dr In a small guild, I’m looking for a family :)
10/02/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Vandrysse
There is a much higher value placed on guild camaraderie and the sense of family. You don’t suffer a fool because you need that person on your raid team. You pick quality members and you’re not afraid to say no to potential applicants in order to keep a wholesome, respectful atmosphere.

This. The mark of an amazing guild is the members. I have to be able to have fun with them and enjoy their company if only in the chatbox. Everything else is secondary. After all, if you don't enjoy playing with the people you willingly associate with, why bother playing the game at all?
I agree with Vandrysse.

I personally prefer small guilds. They feel a lot more like a family once you get to know people. It's personal, and you're a lot less likely to feel like another nameless number.

I wouldn't say that there's necessarily a smaller amount of drama. You will have less people, but again, that just means that everything is more personal. All-in-all, it depends on WHO you have in your guild. So long as you remove the trouble-makers, though, it should be fine.
Also, since yours is a rp guild (nice transmog btw), throwing out some detail information about what your guild is about is always good. Like, what is your guild's theme? I see you said it revolves around Night Elves and your guild name is Moonglade Sentinels, does this have any connection to Druids or Sentinels ingame?

I agree with the other's above whole heartly. But I found that any rp guild with a good theme will draw anyone's attention. Added with what was mentioned above I personaly believe you'll be well on your way.
I love small guilds, I love that family feel and even though our guild is currently too small to raid, so we can't get those perks and rewards, we still have a lot of fun. Admittedly I have been in one or two larger guilds and had a lot of fun, but I hated that it felt like I was either in a clique in the guild or was vastly ignored by the many, many members (when really it was the fact that there were many, many members).
A smaller guild usually doesn't have the option to disappear on you, so there's another perk.

That isn't to say that we don't have the drama, there are always those few people that just plain don't get along with others for whatere reason, but as Belevow said, it is more personal-seeming than in a larger guild. But at the same time, you get to know the members of your guild a lot better. You have fun despite not having that super-cool awesome mount or that super-cool perk.

Now all of this being said, I am trying to get my guild to have some of those said perks and rewards... back to the rep grind!
Well, anymore the rep grind isn't so bad bad anymore. Our guild is a small one that we got going three months ago and we're at level 21. Been doing a metric butt ton of leveling and guild dungeon runs though and we really only have 5 or 6 super active people.
I'll always pick the smaller level 1 guild over that 25 guild with 500 people. Why? Because I like to get to know everyone in the guild I join, it has a family feel to it, you're not just another guild rank or number. I've never been one to care all that much about guild perks, I mean's a bonus, but I would rather be playing with a bunch of friends than people who are no-names to me. If people are trying to join your guild simply because it has the perk they want, there's a good chance he or she isn't the type of person you'll want to be affiliated with.

It's also *much* harder to keep track of multiple people, keep drama away from your guild chat/vent and things like that. MA itself has..126 members I think? I can't remember off the top of my head, but really we only have about 20ish people, and I like it that way. (defiantly not against it growing though!)

Rambling aside, good luck with MS!

Edit: Probably already know this, but there are a lot that don't understand it for whatever reason; keep in mind that drama WILL happen, just try to be calm about it and send them a warning in private. Hopefully it won't have to come to them being kicked.
I believe everyone wants to feel like they are part of something: To be a key member in downing that heroic boss, to be appreciated for their contributions to a continual role-play story, to be an imposing ally in PVP, or to be the comedy relief / voice of reason amongst their guild mates. There are so many ways people can feel included. This game is so much more fun when shared with friends and that friendly green text makes all the difference. Nothing like joining a guild just to find everyone is dead silent; Obligatory "Hello"s and "Welcomes" from a recruitment officer notwithstanding.

When I had unlimited time to play, I tended to gravitate towards big/notorious guilds. It's always a bit intimidating at first, but if you put the time into it, you can make fantastic, and often very skilled friends in a large guild. Large guilds often boast a full roster of people wanting and willing to do things. It's not quite so hard to find a raid spot when there are 5 different raid groups of which one can sign up to join.

With the advent of the Cataclysm expansion however, as well as my busy irl schedule, I find myself thoroughly enjoying smaller guild life. Small doesn't necessarily mean inactive. As long as I have friends to talk to and people to adventure into the content I want to see with, I'm perfectly happy.

I also find, very few people really care how many bank tabs your guild has garnered or whether you're 25 or not. Where it is nice to be able to help a friend out, quality guild mates aren't going to join because you promise to give them/run them through stuff. ~♥
I totally agree with the good sentiments. And yes I know drama is going to happen because it depends on the people. What I am asking for is a few good rpers who like helping each other. Who enjoy rp, and running dungeons with friends, and do not mind the influx of low level alts. (I am a die hard alt-oholic!)

We are casual, but that does not mean we do not like to raid. When and if we get a few who are into it enough to do 10 man stuff I would be happy to do them. The Guild Leader is Cithramir, he is a knowledgeable and competent raider and rper. We just want to have fun and enjoy the new content slowly and with new alts and new freinds.

In game mail would be good way to get in touch or whisper one of us when we are online. Tell us your views on rp and we can arrange an IC interview. Sending your general time zone and when to contact you would be good.

The main focus of the guild in character is peaceful cooperation between all races and cultures. Strong focus on Night elves, but we are not against anyone of any other race. We do not tolerate rude behavior or abuse of the guild bank. If it is in there and you want it, ask. This will be a very loose organisation kind of like the in game Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring, with ties to the Argents as well.

If you are of an evil mind bent or just want to cause trouble, please don't bother. We welcome any class as well. Death knights are welcomed as part of the Alliance and we do not discriminate. That goes for class as well as race.

Thanks for your good words people!
Good luck to you all! :D
I would take a small, tight-knit guild over a big guild any day. I love having my closest friends in my guild, we're all happy and there's zero drama because of how well we all know one another.

Big guilds get cliquey and peoples feelings are easily hurt, from my experience. But that's my two cents. ^^
I agree with small guilds, though I'll come to the defense of large ones here. Personally, I find the size of the guild is unimportant, as it's the people, the officers and the GM that truly makes or breaks the whole concept.

Have we had upstarts trying to create cliques? Sure, and because of the bond between our large member base and the efforts of myself and the officers, we were able to prevent any mass dissent or issues or drama from it. Those three people left, and we were the better.

All I'm saying is, I think it's more the community you create and more importantly, put the effort into. A GM that doesn't care and just ignores the mass of players except for a few in the guild will have problems, and sometimes you'll get those problems anyways. The trick is to see it, deal with it, and live with the aftermath.

That being said, I love the concept of your guild, Wulfdancer, and hope it continues.
I really don't know. With big guilds, I usually feel like I'm lost in a crowd. With small guilds, especially ones that are really close-knit, I feel much like a stereotypical teenager desperately trying to break into the popular crowd. So yeah. I'm just not meant for guilds. >_>
Still looking for some casual rpers who want to enjoy a leisurely stroll through this expansion. Any level or class Alliance. Not restricting it to NE at all. We have pandas and humans, would love some worgen and dwarves as well as gnomes and more draenei.

Come and check us out! My alts are Katyinka, draenei priest, Vellauyin, NE mage, anf Maikang, pandaren hunter and Yaeko, draenei monk.
Power to the smaller guilds! I wish you all the luck with recruitment, Wulfdancer! I'm sure you'll find some amazing people ^-^

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