ele healing

Is healing surge my only single target heal as ele, seem all i can find to use is chain rain(aoe) and the totems. does this change will i get any of the old healing spells back or is that is since im not technically a hybrid as much anymore.
the reason i ask is healing surge is so weak it takes 4 or 5 casts to heal me all the way from less than 10% health.
Yes with the removal of Greater Healing Wave from all specs besides Restoration I believe it is your only heal. Might have Healing Wave also but I'm not to sure about that since I'm just starting to get into my Shaman. I haven't tested this out but maybe try putting a healing rain down and then pull a big group? I have seen it done in a level 70 battleground with a Resto Shaman and he lasted quite long even when silence (also has to do with Earth Shield).

Happy leveling!
You don't get HW/GHW anymore unless you're resto.

Remember to drop HST on annoying mobs (30sec cd is quicker than a hiccup), use your level75 talent as needed, and use your level15 defensive as needed. CC if you get an unexpected guest. Kite with Earthbind. Interrupt. Use your Earth Ele (he's much more durable now).

Rare should be the time you even get to 10% health.
Use surge along with healing stream/healing tide totem as well as stone bulwark.

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