Nonstop Error #132, please help me.

Technical Support
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Bump. I'll check the thread again in the morning, and I'll bump it if I have to.
Bump again. I'm not going away.
Another bump. Come on, Blues.
Hope you get more help my friend, I've been having some fatal crashes, too.
Thank you, Loads. I'm hoping for some help too.
And a bump.
Shamelessly mass-bumping.
I'll try it Hrolf, thanks.
Bumping again. That also did not work.

Now I'm getting Error #134

I'm reaching the end of my rope. Not a single reply from a blue when their copypaste doesn't work.
Im also getting a bunch of the same errors. Almost everywhere I can I get one. Its really starting to get on my nerves. I dont want to start raiding with this. LETS GET SOME HELP!
Had that problem the last couple of days. 4 hours ago ran a disk cleanup an switched to dx9. no problems since
So far so good for me. I changed mine over about an hour ago and ive had no errors yet.
I've also cleaned up my disc and switched to Directx9, still having the same problems.
Newest Error 134
Another bump
Hey, Blues. Still not gonna go away.

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