Need a little help with macro for war lvling

UI and Macro
Hello :)

First off, Im lazy when it comes to multiple keybinds while leveling, so I usually make macros with /castsequence for my toons, and when I hit cap I set my binds properly and pratice at the target dummies.
I havent played WoW for a while, mostly since the cata launch, so I don't know the changes to macro.

Before I stopped playing, I was using this macro for my other warrior :

/castsequence reset=target/9 Mortal Strike, Rend, Overpower, Mortal Strike, Overpower, Execute, null
/castsequence reset=1 Victory Rush,null
/cast Charge

It was working pretty nifty, using victory rush when it could. Of course theres no rend anymore so I changed it, but seems like they changed macro script and victory rush doesnt work at all ( I can see why blizz would want to stop that kind of usage ), did they?

Second, the reset=n doesnt seem to be working for me, did they changed it too?
I believe Victory Rush is on the GCD (now, at least), so you couldn't macro it alongside your other strikes. As for reset conditionals, those still work as before.

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