Back on WoW after a long dry spell.... wtf.

Damn this game has changed a lot since WotLK. Anyway I renewed my account today and had a friend "resurrect" me, so now I have an 80 priest. I had a 55 priest back when I used to play so I know the basics. I just had a couple questions:

First off, what should I do as far as speccing discipline? I was told this is the leveling spec but i'm still not sure. Back when i played there was a talent tree. Not exactly sure when blizz got rid of that but okay I can deal.

Secondly, what's a good spell rotation for killing in PvE (with discipline ((or whatever spec you're going to suggest to me)))? and what is a good way to keybind with priests? any addons I should get?

and Lastly, just any tips you might have that will make playing a priest easier... like i said, this game has changed a bit since I last played. I forgot a lot of shortcuts and random facts about the game.

Thanks in advance!
For leveling, shadow is still the best by far. If you want to be able to do enough DPS to make leveling not excruciating, do dungeons as a healer, and heal in BGs without changing spec, then go Disc.

For both Disc and Shadow, it's not really a rotation so much as a system of priority. For both specs, keep up as many of your dots as you can. As Shadow, use Devouring Plague whenever you get three Shadow Orbs, and once you get Mind Spike, use it whenever it gets the proc that makes it not erase all your dots, plus Mind Blast on cooldown and Shadow Word: Death whenever it's available. For Disc, keep up Holy Fire and SW:P, and use Penance on cooldown and Archangel whenever you have five stacks of Evangelism. Once you get trinkets that have activatable spellpower, use them on cooldown. Macro it into your spells if you won't remember. It's a huuuuge DPS boost.

I personally keybind my main bar to 1-6 and shift 1-6 for my always-available or short cooldown main spells (heals and dps), and then have easily reachable letter keys for big cooldowns like Shadowfiend, Fade, Psychic Scream, etc. I use macros so that my spells are a little bit smarter in how they target things.

In general, I would really reccomend making macros for "Power Word Shield on myself" and "Dispel Magic on myself", and give them keybindings apart from your normal versions of the spell, for healing in dungeons or PVP or whatever. Make them something you can reach really easily, without any modifiers.

Blizzards default keybindings do kind of suck.

Talents really are personal preference. The only one that seems really leveling oriented is the improved version of Shadowfiend, but I haven't been using it and I do fine. The Penance glyph is a lot of fun when leveling, but not necessary at all.
Don't kid yourself bro. Go Shadow.

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