NS with predatory swiftness

Hi all,
Recently, when testing rotations with the shiny new dream of cenarius talent, I tried using NS to manage my DoC uptime. I noticed that when I keep my NS activated and I get a PS proc, the NS buff is consumed first before PS. This is really annoying because the PS buff is really short, and I'd use the NS buff as a 'heal bank' of sorts for more DoC uptime.

So in short, is this a bug or is it working as intended? I recall something like this happening with clearcasting and PS procs in wrath, but this is slightly different because NS gives your heal a 50% buff, this may be getting it to interact unpredictably with PS. I'll really like spells cast under the influence of these 2 buffs simultaneously to consume PS BEFORE NS. And I've always assumed that to be the case.

Anyone else finding this troublesome? Is this a bug or working as intended?
You don't gain anything by doing what you are doing anyway. NS cooldown starts from when it is consumed, not when it is cast. Don't activate NS until you actually want to use it to heal.
I know what you're talking about, but it's another button to press. I'll like to be able to keep it on cd without actually using it as a second heal stored, instead of having to press it, wait half a second, then HT to actually have it cast in cat form. It's really cramping my style.
Guess what?

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=player] Healing Touch

and if your having the problem where it takes you out of cat form when you use it you can even add /cast cat form at the end.
I'm aware that there are macros, I'm just commenting that it's strange that NS and PS interact that way. Also, that macro gives me yet another button to press. I'd like to be able to use the same key for instant HTs, be it PS or NS ones.

Also, that macro isn't likely to work because you have 2 skills on the GCD in 1 button press ie cat form and HT. And if HT pops me out of cat I lose 20% of the heal's power.

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