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So whenever I am fighting a mob, my tool-tip when I hover my mouse over them shows me my Threat/Aggro percentage. I have it disabled in my interface options, but it still pops up. Does anyone know a fix to this?
I am having hard time even remembering where to turn it off at. I know it can be done but can not remember where and it's driving me nuts. Most of my toons have it turned off but I just created a Panda Monk and want to turn it off on that toon. If you can help me remember where to turn it off I will let you know if I have the same problem of it continuing to show.
/console threatWarning 0
Sedivy that worked for me, thank you!
Thanks mate, this works. Even better, it turns off the red aggro glow effect around nameplates (wihch anoyed me lot as it has no added value to the game, just mess up your user interface).

Just one questions ramained: when i log out an in, I have to turn this off again. How can I make this setting permamant?


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