Any guild recruiting just for fun?!

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Or is this forum just for recruiting for your raids? I see a lot of posting about folks looking for a raid guild, or raid guilds looking for people to fill their raids. But hardly any at all that are just guilds looking for players for fun...

Are they out there? I'm returning to WoW after a few years, want to try and get back into the swing of things with a fun social guild, not so much worried about the raiding end of things just yet.

I see pages and pages of raid crap here, but hoping to find a guild out there looking for fun people to join their ranks...

Hit me up here or in-game Teeglow#1724. Willing to re-roll on whatever server I can find a guild that fits what I'm looking for. But do have toons on Llane, Bloodhoof, and Quel'Dorei, mix of Horde/Alliance.
Well im trying to make a guild on killjaden i need 2 more sigs I am planning to raid but it will be rare to do more of have fun help eachother out with fun events if you can sign the petition id appreciaite it if you can ill meet you in the orc starter zone
Hey - we're on Llane - and we do recruit social players.


we are a raid and pvp guild but also have a large and active community of people that just want to level, hang out, be social.
Name: Bad Example
Realm: Stormreaver
Faction: Alliance

We are currently recruiting members for MOP! Large/Active evel 25 guild.

Each of our raid teams are Progression Minded. Experienced raid leaders with years of play.

  • Raiders
  • Fill-in Raiders
  • Casual Players
  • PvPers
  • We offer:
  • Guild Bank repairs
  • Guild Website
  • Guild facebook page
  • Mumble Voice service
  • Expect to see:
  • Core Raid Groups
  • Weekly Alt Raids (for non-core members/alts)
  • Transmog Runs
  • Achievement Runs
  • Dungeon Runs
  • Battle Grounds
  • Arenas
  • If you're interested in joining us, or you're looking for more information please visit us at:
    ah kk, well there looks like a few options here

    We're getting started this week on an undetermined as of yet realm, but you're more than welcome to reroll and join us! Would be more than happy to help with bags and repairs.

    Hit me up at for more information.
    Hi Teeglow,
    I can truly understand what you've written here. I had the same situation at one point, and the in-game guild recruitment tool is just a little lacking of something - maybe we need an option to search or sort by level...
    Also, as I am recruiting members for my guild, I don't really want to get players who are too eager and promote "Top XX" because we are just looking for a good personality that fits to us. Sometimes I'm afraid maybe nobody (except serious raiders) is viewing this forum.
    We are on Kilrogg sever. Join us on level 1 and see how it goes. We are a very small guild but playing together for about 3 years now and made a guild <The Three Arrows> recently. We are a very-casual raiding guild. If you don't want to raid, no problem, you still have your place here.
    Most active hours are around 6pm-9pm EST. We are all mature adults with families and jobs.
    We ALSO raid on Friday nights; this isn't a ranking oriented raiding that tries to make it "farming status" and be a cool raider. We just want to see contents, and we know kill a big bad boss with a team feels good. We will have minimum guideline to follow for raiders. These aren't difficult stuff, or we can help you; primarily, it is just to eliminate avoidable frustration, because 10 people are depending on each other.
    Additional events will be planned as well; Everyone is too busy trying out and/or leveling, so this will be a little later.

    I will send you a friend request; my B-Tag is Phizzy#1546, or come directly to Kilrogg on level 1 and talk to anyone in The Three Arrows.

    I hope you will find a fitting guild soon!
    cool, look forward to talking with a few of you tonite at some point
    09/29/2012 06:53 PMPosted by Teeglow
    Are they out there?

    Sorry I'm late to the posting party but I had to answer since this is a personal cause of mine for the last year here in the Guild Recruitment forums :)

    Aye ... there are more casual/social guilds here than you can imagine what is lacking is the high end drive of our recruitment people ... but then .. we ARE casual ... its NOT in our blood to spend hour upon hour here in these forums looking for others. We're more interested in sitting in the game and having fun with each other. The downside is that means when a casual/social player like yourself comes a lookin', the halls of chatting guilds appears empty. Far from it .. we DO come here and we DO post, just not hourly :)

    So keep the faith ... we do live .... strong and mighty ... and from what I've seen in the last few months, we're getting more popular, more presence and more people!!!

    If none of the above guilds fit your needs let me know ... I have several others that roam these recruitment tunnels that I can point you towards (even the Blokes) ;)

    Live long and Punt Gnomes ...
    Are you new to World of Warcraft and finding questing and the Dungeon Finder lonely? Are you a veteran of the game who longs for the sense of community that was once so dominant in the game, but seems to have fallen by the way side with the advent of the Dungeon Finder and Looking For Raid systems? Then The Heralds of Azeroth on Eldre'thalas may be just the guild for you! We are looking for active, social, chatty, community minded players to join us as we peer through the Mists of Pandaria and discover what the future has to offer!

    The Heralds of Azeroth was established in Classic WoW. We were active in all aspects of the game - questing, five mans, PvP, and even had a presence in raiding from Zul'Gurub to the beginning of Blackwing Lair and Ahn'Qiraj. We've decided to reignite the flame of THOA as a casual, friends and family guild, with an RP element. We will be utilizing the in game calendar to post guild events every Wednesday and Sunday - guild events may be random five mans, scenarios, group PvP, or given enough interest, either queuing for Looking For Raid as a group, or forming an actual guild raid. It should be noted that raiding will be a natural progression of our community activities, and not the focus of our guild. As our guild and the characters of the Guild Masters have their roots in a short story, role players are very welcome among us, and all guild members are encouraged to use our forums to develop and post lore for their characters. Above all, we're looking to form a fun, friendly, interactive community - We hope you choose to join us in game!

    If you are interested in joining us, please use the in game Guild Recruitment UI to send a membership request or apply at . Upon receiving your request, guild leadership will then /friend your character or e-mail you so that we may speak with you further about joining.
    we are a 25man raiding guild, but we have various guild ranks available. Whether someone is looking for core raiding, pvp, casual, friendly ranks for casual and hanging out.... etc.

    We're always looking above raiding, for any person who thinks our guild may be a long term home for them. You can check out the link provided for more information.
    Talked to a few of you folks in-game, thanks for the extra infos. Still searching for a home :P Leaning towards playing Alliance at this point. Hoping to find a guild with an active roster, 20-30 people, active vent, not just used for raiding, but for bs'n while we quest, dungeon, and hang out. Adult friendly, 18+ preferably.

    Would really like to find a home asap. Don't mind starting over on a new server, just would like to do it sooner rather than later.

    Thanks again peoples :)
    Legacy is a premier guild that has been together for the better part of 20 years. We have played majority of the MMO’s that have been created since the early days of Shadowbane.
    We are a multi-game, multi-platform guild that focuses on teamwork and friendship in the context of virtual worlds.

    We are a tight community that takes pride in ourselves, each other and our reputation. We are dedicated, mature and enjoy simply coming in and playing with like-minded people and enjoying a game together.

    We are a Player vs. Player orientated guild and realize that Player vs. Environment is needed for us to achieve our goals.

    Although we may run under different character names or different guild names in the vast majority of MMO’s out there, Legacy will always be our home.

    We understand that we are playing a game, that this fantasy world is not real life. In such we understand real life commitments and accommodate those commitments.

    The relationships we forge together in Legacy exceed any games played and carry over into life-long friendships in the real world.

    We are looking for more members so all classes, specs and levels are accepted. We focus on all aspects of the game: Leveling, achievements, PvP and soon raiding.

    If this sounds like a good fit for you in a fun loving, stress free enjoyable guild then head out to our website or link up with us in game on Blade’s edge sever, Alliance Faction.
    Hi Teeglow!

    The Order of the Golden Dawn is a level 4 Alliance guild on the Stormrage server, and our whole goal is to be a fun, social guild, with various guild events and activities bringing us together. We have a mumble account for chatting, and are not looking to do raids until we have more members. Once we do make a raid team, however, it will be very relaxed with no strict rules for attendance.

    We believe that we are here to play a game and enjoy each others' company, not belittle others based on gear or skill. We also believe that a guild should be more than just a place to hide from spam invites, and more than a place to get perks. We believe that a guild should be made up of a group of friends who enjoy being together, goofing around together, and playing together.

    If you've ever heard of Improv Everywhere, we're like the WoW version of that. :) In addition to being a fun place to hang out, we do random events around Azeroth to make people look up from their daily grind and perhaps get a chuckle or two.

    If you like what you're hearing so far, please check out our website to learn even more about us!

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