Any guild recruiting just for fun?!

Guild Recruitment
im in the same boat you are teeglow.. Free Bump.. Hope you find a good guild man.. i just started lookin today and no luck so far.
Yup, would be nice :P
Hey, Teeglow. Middle Ground is a half and half guild on the Dawnbringer (High Pop Central time) server. Half of our members want to progress through MoP at a steady pace while the other half is more casual. We all just want to have fun.

We follow the idea of play what, how, when you want to. If you want to raid, that's cool, if you want to pvp, that's fine and if you want to run around in circles chasing your non-combat pet, that's acceptable, too. Play the game how you want to. If you want to raid, you can. We have two raid teams but raiding is by no means required:

The Heroic Team
This team is made of those who want to progress at a steady pace. They are devoted to logging in every week to down bosses. They will be devoted to moving through normal content as quickly as possible so that we can focus on heroic encounters. The roster is made of 13 players and does not change from week to week (spot vacancies dependent). We do not discriminate based on class. However, a rainbow roster is ideal in order to keep tier token competition at a minimum.

Raiding for Middle Ground starts October 16.
Raid Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Monday
Raid Time: 7-10pm server (8-11pm eastern). Invites go out 15 minutes before raid start time.

The Member Team
The member team is for our more casual members. They are not required to raid every week. The roster may change from week to week as it is sign-up dependent and players will be rotated in and out in order to give everyone who wants to an opportunity to raid. All players at the member rank are on the member team by default.

If you'd like to talk more, my battletag is Frogface17#1664. If you'd like more information, check us out at or our recruitment thread at Hope to hear from you.
Hi Teeglow,

I post our standard guild recruitment letter earlier, but I would like to talk to you. I am currently at work (shhh) lol but will be on in about 3 hours.

We are a fun guild, but still in the process of growing! We do utilize Ventrilo! and would LOVE to have you join us!

Please add my read ID

We're a small but active casual/social guild on a large pvp server. Most of us have been playing since vanilla/BC days.

Here's the link to our guild's post:

Feel free to stop on by or ask us any questions, good luck with your search!

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