Voidlord and Fel Imp stunned

Whenever I summon my Voidlord or Fel imp they seem to be stunned. They have the swirly thing above their heads like I'm trying to summon a new demon (but I'm not) and all of their abilities are grayed out. I have tried re-logging, changing specs, pretty much everything I can think of.

Is anyone else having this problem and is there a fix for it?

P.S. The Voidwalker and Normal imp work fine.
try getting them killed like in a duel. that may work to get rid of it, and if not i got nothin else. :(
Do they have the debuff summoning disorientation? If so, an easier way to clear it is to just start summoning another demon then cancel, should give the pet the normal 5 second summoning disorientation debuff then they should be fine.
No, it does not have the debuff. I have tried re summoning and canceling but it did not work.
This happened to me too with the fel hunter version pet. It was stunned for 22 days. lol
summoning disorientation. dismiss your pet and resummon, or have him killed (in anyway) and resummon.
I have been having this same problem for 3 days now. The only pet I can use is my fel imp. Whenever I summon a different one they are permanently stunned even if I dismiss and resummon.
You need to kill the demon. Let it aggro a mob and then put it on passive until it dies.
I had someone kill mine in a duel. I tried everything short of killing the demon (resummon, talent changes, dismissal, etc). Killing him finally did it. It was my Void Lord, fwiw.
I had this happen to me in a Scenario. I summoned a new demon and she was stunned for a long time. I checked on her and she had an 18 DAY debuff of Summoning Disorientation. I summoned a new one demon and they had it as well. So finally I thought I'll do back to the one I had going into the thing and he had no stun on him. Everything was perfectly fine after the scenario, haven't had the issue since.
Ah yes, my voidlord was stunned as well, good thing my voidwalker seems to be invincible anyways.

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