[A] <Sated> Recruiting for 10 Man Core Group

<Sated> is recruiting for our 10 man core group. We currently need 3 healers, 1 tank and 6 DPS. Yes it seems like a stretch but if we can get the group make up started I know we can be in raids by the end of October. I would like to extend a welcoming hand to those that would just like a guild that they can do instances and some casual content with. If you would like to join you can either apply at SatedTheGuild.enjin.com or whisper myself in game.

We will be going off the EPGP loot system. As well as there will be neater things to come in the guild as you will see if you join. I would also like to progress through content casually but swiftly. Our raiding days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4PM Server time to 7PM Server time.

Again please if you would like to join whisper myself or apply at our website. Thank you and have a great raiding experience and day.
What about a Tank that can only make it Tues Wens?

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