Former Hardmode Resto Sherman LF Good Raid PT

Like the title says:

Former fairly serious raider. Can hold my weight as Ele or Resto. I'll be geared and ready sometime this week on my shaman.

Also planning on leveling a Druid (Resto/Boomkin), Priest (Either healing spec/Shadow), and Monk (Mistweaver/Brewmaster)

Looking for a guild capable of top 5 server progression but no more than 2-3 raid nights. I unfortunately have more RL !@#$ going on these days and I'll mainly be focusing on PvP when I'm on. That being said, I'll still take the commitment of however many days as seriously as I would've when I was in more serious guilds.

HMU in game for information or on this post.

EDIT: Healing is my main spec for all classes, in case that wasn't blatantly obvious already. It's what I do.

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