Elemental Pets not Spawning?

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Title says it all, I've been looking since about 8pm server for 3 different elemental pets Fel Flame - Shadow Moon Valley, Tiny Bog Beast - Wetlands, and Tiny Twister - Arathi Highlands.

Also some issues with the Jade Oozeling in The Hinterlands.

Any advice or anyone else having issues?
I found the Tiny Bog Beast today around 2-5pm Texas Time in the Wetlands area.
Jade Oozelings have a slow respawn timer but I promise they do spawn in the cave. Tiny Bog Beasts I found in the part of the Wetlands that's on fire, where the Dark Iron camps used to be. The Tiny Twister I only saw one of, it probably has about three spawns and an ungodly slow respawn rate. All I can suggest is trying at off-peak hours.
Cool thank you.
Just fyi if you kill the critters (all critters, not just battle critters) around the pets areas u want they tend to spawn worked in arathi for tiny twister, for the mini bog in wetlands and spawn of onyxia, now to try for the minifernal ack my nemisis so far

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