@@@ GOLD TRADE @@@ 18k for me 20k for you

Hello! I recently transferred a toon off nor Gannon server to Zul’jin…. I forgot I had 20k on a alt.

So im here to see if anyone plays on oreganos and zul’jin servers and was willing to trade. How it would work is I trade you 20k on norgannon and you trade me 20k on zul’jin. Now this forum is on battle.net so you can insure its not a scam because im clearly stating you will receive your gold. And to add incentive, im only asking for 18k on zuljin so you gain 2000g :D reply to thread if you willing to do this deal. Thanks again

PS. ALLY gold on norgannon , but zuljin gold can be either ally or horde
any takers?

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