Healing is INCREDIBLY hard in MoP!

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Blizzard. What are you trying to do? do you want all the healers to quit? have you ever played them? or are you just making it harder on us because you feel like it?
1) My mana pool drops so fast due to NO spirit gear in MoP.
2) my heals have NOT increased since around level 80. My flash of light, my "big and fast" heal, only heals for 30k, (it has even seemed to decrease) and with level 90's having 300k health, this is absolutely pathetic. I am 87 and joined a bg today. Getting hit 50k by a fire mage, what would i do? cast a pathetic absorb-gone, cast a heal-nothing. Dead.
3)The mana cost of my heals are INCREASING! with no actual increase in the spell! My absorb cost 10k ! just one absorb!, And again no mana regen due to no spirit gear!.
4) No spirit gear!, Not one quest vendor has given me (or dungeon) any sufficient gear for a Holy priest.

I turned holy at 85, because as a disc, having a 10k heal in dungoens wasnt very good, but i found an instant 10k and a 13k (prayer of healing heal) would be better. And it was, it very much was.

Now in MoP, i was forced to change today after my 10k heals were not good enough to satisfy my damn team. Whos health (at around 200k at 87) drops so fast due to the insane damage from the Mobs! do you seriously expect healers to cope with this?

As a priest, we have ALLWAYS had the short straw when it comes to healing, not like druids with insane overtime heals who don't loose mana.

Now finally, obviously this is one big BIG bug, with your system, i suggest you get it sorted, a 30k heal for 10k mana, at level 87, left me leaving my priest, and No i would not be doing anymore healing, not because i dont want to, but becasue I CANT! i simply cant heal my team good enough without wiping and loosing all my mana!

I was actualy a really good healer before MoP, not gonna brag. But now, pfft, now i cant even heal someone half there health, its to late, dead, or ran out of mana.

Blizzard: give holy priests (500% mana regen) like the destruction warlocks passive they get.
Increase ALL priest heals by 50% per level from 85-90. so we actualy have a chance to heal, because i am so mad right now because of how little the heal is.

Seriously, my healing has decreased, not increased since 85 while everyones damage/gear/health has increaed. I simply cannot do it anymore blizzard. Well done. Thank you! so very much, healing is now useless and repetitve and HARD! simply hard! please just look at our heals, and see for your self, we cannot continue like ths, i cant even heal someone for 20% of there health, this is so fustrating and i am so angry!

(sorry about spelling, and for all you dps who will surely respond saying , NO PRIEST ARE SO OP) then you need a good rethink, next time you're getting killed in a dungoen, just remmber how OP we are....

Increase healing, increase spirit regen, give more spirit gear, and lower mana cost, make it even for a change.
I'm with you on the spirit thing- I've even held on to a few old DS pieces (when they couldn't be upgraded)- but a lot of the issue is 'people standing in crap they're not supposed to' and avoidable damage.

Dispels on an 8sec cd? I will never understand why dps won't dispel themselves when they have the capability and my dispel is on cd, or they're too far out for me to use it effectively.

Standing in damage they can avoid? Happened to a hunter I had in a group yesterday, with the bonus that they stood so far out that my prayer of healing didn't touch them.

I understand why Blizzard did what they did to healers but sometimes I think they forgot to take into account the mentality of the playerbase. Luckily my groups have been rather forgiving of me, but it's frustrating as hell sometimes.
Second the statement. Heals are the same as the ones in Cata. Plus go oom quick.
There's plenty of spirit gear
Hell, there are vendors that sell you green gear so you can bridge quest/spec gear gaps
Leveled up as Holy/Shadow and had no problems whatsoever

Sounds more like you need to rethink how you play your character, hit up the priest forums and look around or ask for help.
What? healing is incredibly easy in MoP. I have had zero issues healing so far in MoP. I've healed every dungeon (heroics included) with no problems.
Sounds fun. But with my luck I'd go to level my priest, only to have it changed to something less fun by the time I get to 90.
Having literally zero issue with healing, 85-90 and in 90 heroics. Stop spamming flash heal and you may make progress. That being said, spirit is really important at the moment, so try regemming and reforging your questing gear (oh no spending money on gear that will be replaced) and see where that puts you.
you actually have to drink after some trash!? Madness!
nah its fine its just like the beginning of cata, cant adapt then pick a new role
@tinkerbelt, the problem is i have had no problem before, and neither in the first 2 MoP dungoens, ever since i hit 87, the dungoen has wiped, due to everyone having over 200k health and my heals not improving a bit since level 80.

Its hard when everyones health is dropping and all you can do is stand there casting prayer of mending, with a 2 second cast time, and a 10k heal, it seems pointless. And trying to heal everyone with greater heal for a 40health, with another 2 sec cast time, everyone is allready dead, and besides my mana would be gone just by healing some one to fullhealth. circle of healing is one of my main spells yet is now so weak, if the level increases=health increases, then so should my heals to make it equal. It like getting a level 10, to heal a group of 70's it cannot be done!, the heals must imrpove or me and my friends are going to find it very hard to stay intrested in healing, because the health icnreases 30k per level (or around that) and the heals are going no were!
interesting, I notice that you stack a lot of spirit and you still have mana regen issue? (50% high than my spirit)

in case, you need to drop mentality "KEEP EVERYONE FULL" and change it to "TRY TO KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE REGARDLESS THEIR HP"

it is same story for beginning of cata. my mana is not enough to keep everyone alive so I just heal people if their hp go below 30% unless there is AoE.
Have you checked the following:
1) Your tank - is he just a random LFD tank? If so, she/he might not know what they're doing and hence not properly mitigating/avoiding damage.
2) Your DPS - sometimes they're a little slow in the noggin and prefer to stand in fire, hence making healing drastically more difficult.
3) Are you running LFD? Stop.

Just a general check list! As a tank I often scour the health bars of my party to ensure I'm the only one that has aggro, and for that reason I often bear witness if the healer is having a hard time or not; I have yet to see anything unmanageable.
In normal modes we can do most encounters without a healer... but I have healed so I can't really say. I have noticed they need to drink more!
It gets better as you gear up, I assure you. As I steadily fill in all the gaps with heroic gear I"m finding myself having to stop to drink less often, and I'm not ooming on those particular bosses from hell.

Just give it time, it really is just a gear curve.
09/30/2012 10:48 AMPosted by Zalena
in case, you need to drop mentality "KEEP EVERYONE FULL" and change it to "TRY TO KEEP EVERYONE ALIVE REGARDLESS THEIR HP"

Triage healing; same as when Cataclysm launched.
09/30/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Healzora
As a priest, we have ALLWAYS had the short straw when it comes to healing

Stopped reading right there
@Downlo, thats for PvE.

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