A Few PvE Windwalker Things to be Fixed

First of all, I'd like to say I love playing Windwalker at the moment. This list is only a few 'Quality of Life' issues that may have been overlooked, and my suggestions for a fix. This is intended for PvE, and I will not be touching on the WW PvP problems in this thread.

Fists of Fury
I think the most frustrating thing about playing WW atm is being rooted while channeling Fists of Fury. Obviously, the stun tied to FoF makes being rooted not a problem because you then expect the mobs to stay in range of you, but when you are using it on bosses that can't be stunned, there is a problem.
FoF is only a dps increase single-target when all of the hits land, and having a tank move the boss out of range of you while you are rooted is frustrating. Yes, you can say that you should plan ahead so that the boss does not need to be moved while you are channeling, but there are times (far too many) where tanks move bosses unnecessarily, resulting in a dps loss. I should not have to rely on reading my tanks mind to keep my dps from suffering, especially when they are someone I don't know in the dungeon finder.

Fix: Make a glyph that allows FoF to be cast while moving, but removes the stun. This way you are not hindered by the root, but you cannot run around channeling a stun (Which I assume was the reason for the root originally).

This may just be a bug, but Paralysis (The Monk CC) is currently putting the Monk in combat and pulling the group that you CC'd from. I assume this was overlooked since without Deadly Reach, the range is too short to not put you in combat. I think Deadly Reach should turn Paralysis into something like Sheep or Hunter Trap that can be used before the pull.

Spear Hand Strike
The Energy cost on our interrupt seems too high compared to other classes. Rogues and Ferals, the other energy users, have a 15 energy cost, which is probably what Monks should be as well. At a 30 energy cost, I almost never have the energy to interrupt casts that I don't know are coming so I can pool energy ahead of time.

The proc chance on Chi from Crackling Jade Lightning also seems rather low, but it is only used when you are forced out of melee range it's not really a big deal.
I concur with the FoF bit. I don't even bother anymore because it's not a very fun to push. Even for soloing.

Paralysis is something I never noticed, but I grabbed Leg Sweep instead, so eh.

And Spear Hand Strike's higher energy cost is because of the silence attached to it when used in-front of the mob.

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