<HALCYON> Recruiting now for MoP

HALCYON website: www.halcyon-thrall.com

To apply to the guild go to: http://www.halcyon-thrall.com/recruiting/app_account.php?type=app&gid=240873

Our Teams:

Team 1: Raid times and recruitment info: Tues, Wed 8:30pm - 11:30pm server.
In need of a tank, prot pally, prot warrior or blood dk.

Team 2: Raid times and recruitment info: Tues, Thurs 7:30pm - 11:30pm server.
Recruitment is closed.

Team 3: (New Team) Raid Times: Sat, Sun: 8pm - 12 am server.
Recruitment is closed.

Rated battlegrounds We will have an active RBG team in MoP that is planning on running Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Times to be determined. Recruitment is open for active pvpers for this team.

About Halcyon

HALCYON is a unique World of Warcraft guild on the Thrall server that offers both progression raiding and a vibrant social environment. The raiding side of the guild is dedicated to end-game progression while having fun along the way. The Social Side consists of friends, family, and non-raiders.

Our guild is more than just a guild, it is a team with the experience and personalities to change the way you play World of Warcraft.

We believe in a "team first" attitude - as our group overall becomes stronger, the individuals strengthen within. We have high standards in HALCYON - it is not easy to achieve entry, and we are serious about our team-first attitude.

Our overarching philosophies are:

1) Respect all Players and Guilds
2) Do the Right Thing
3) Guild before Self
4) Play Hard and Achieve

Adhering to these principles results in a successful, no-drama environment. As a result, the reputation of our guild and team is top-notch - wearing our tag is both a responsibility and reward and will garner respect. Raid and Social Recruitment is no cake walk - we stand firm that we would rather team with less people than to accept people who don't live up to our standards, be it personality or skill level.


We have a no drama policy, and will excise any such whining, begging, fighting, flaming, etc. in a very quick and decisive manner. Any disrespect to other guild members is taken very seriously. We are respectful and watch the smack-talk. Lighthearted banter is fine but putting down fellow guildies or players for any reason will not be tolerated. Name-calling and any disrespect to women is not acceptable. We love chatting and having fun with each other, but we can't solve the world's problems, especially topics of particular passion - so we don't discuss drugs, race, political, or religious topics in guild chat or public vent. Our guild, while having a lot of fun, simultaneously maintains common sense and maturity. We emphasize standards of image and behavior in striving to be well-respected on our server. Any drama or activities that damage the reputation of our guild will result in a quick removal from the guild.
Update to team 2
Update to team 4....specifics added.
Update to team 2 and 3.
Update to team 4
Update to team 4, this team is close to start!
Update to team 1 and 4
Team 2 Closed for recruitment.
Update to Team 1
Update to team 3
Recruitment is closed for team3

Team 1 update
Update to team 1
just app'd to the site for team 1, hope to hear from you guys soon.
Team 1 is looking for a solid plate Dps, and a Hunter Dps.
Lol at this post. OP isn't even in the guild anymore. And big LOL at everyone leaving the guild. It amuses me to watch the roster numbers drop on a daily basis. I told you bringing Mr Big Shot back would be a bad idea but no one wanted to listen to me. Anyway, big LOL at you guys. I'm done now.

Good day, Thrall.

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