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Rogue: Stealth last for 5 seconds, has a 1 minute cooldown.

Warlock: secondary resource does not decrease
Death Grip has a 100% miss rate

Arcane Shots now deal 1400 damage to Death Knights
Disengage has a 10% chance of rooting the user in place and feign death causes all nearby enemy players to target you.

Mana burn. /glare
09/30/2012 07:54 PMPosted by Alueren
Shamans loses totems, and Spirit Beasts.

going off topic but i already lost most of my totems... and i don't have spirit beasts...

On topic, priest's healing spells have a chance to heal the enemy that's attacking him/her.
Penance now deals damage equal to half the priest's health on nearby party members. Stampede lasts for 2 minutes
50% reduction in the duration of all movement impairing effects

100% chance to critically hit, ignores all resistances, avoidance, armor and resilience
Stealthing now disarms you.

Treants are now permanent and heal the moonkin every time she casts a spell.
Realistic Hibernation: Passive. You can't use bear form during winter.

Shadow word: pain prevents the target from removing movement impairing effects or effects that cause loss of control.
every spell you use has a 99.99% chance to hit you

hunter pets now one shot everything
Hunters now do no damage.

Rogues do 999999999% more damage. Actually lets make that an even 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% damage.

Rogues can't stealth

Shamans can now use 2-handed weapons effectively again.
Riptide is no longer a HoT. Chain heal now has an 8 second CD.

Bows have been given an increased amount of stats and their own weapon enchantments that can stack with scopes in light of our removed main hand weapons.
Rogues can no longer stealth or dual wield daggers.

Paladins receive a 100% damage increase in Protection and Retribution specs.
Every time the paladin gains a holy charge, he has a 110% explode in a blast of holy energy, healing all enemies for 1000% percent of the paladin's health.

Upon looking at a rogue, you will gain a debuff that lasts for 100 years and does not allow you to have a birthday
Priests: Priest bubbles now transfer 100% of damage to the target, back to the priest.

Monks: Death Touch no longer costs Chi, has no cooldown, and can be used against players.
Using chi drains energy to 0

Warlock is healed for 100% of damage dealt by pet
Warlocks no longer have fear.

Blizzard North employees all rehired and in charge of class balance, result: Shamans op again. GET FROST SHOCK!
Priests no longer can attack because they became pacifists.

Warrior's charge no longer has a cooldown and deathwish is back for fury and herioc strike inspires allies to do 10% more damage stacking infinitely.

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