Taking a break from WoW.

Wyrmrest Accord
I've been meaning to write for a long time, and I haven't been able to find any serious time to do it.

So until I can write 10 pages, 12 font single space, easily again I won't be on WoW or GW2 or DCUO or STO or D3. My skype is SagramoreLKC and my IM is Brokenobsidian@Hotmail.com if you need anything hit me up there.

Not quitting, I just need to go back to my first love.
Good luck with the writing, man. I know how hard it can be to buckle down and do it, even when you're passionate about an idea.

Hope it goes smoothly.
What about the forums?
At least you are rocking a sorta samurai look on your toon while you're gone!
He offends my honour.

Edit: There can be only one samurai.

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