[H] <Wardens> is Recruiting!

Emerald Dream
(A notice made of plain parchment hangs on one of the many call boards around Orgimmar. Written in orcish in a simple yet effective script, it reads as follows)

Greetings fellow citizens of the horde! The Wardens are currently recruiting any able bodied scholars, soldiers, or adventurers for an expedition to the newly Discovered Continent of Pandaria.

Our Organization has been divided into three Groups, so that we may better build a foothold in this new land:

Military Unit
Leader: Zanerist, Presiding Battle Chief of the Wardens
-will be focused around defending members from alliance attacks, as well as leading raids on alliance Camps.

Expeditionary Unit
Leader: Zandarren, Presiding Lord of the Wardens
-will focus around getting friendly with the Locals, as well as assessing, and taking care of any larger threats that may arise on the continent.

Scholarly Unit
Leader: Nelfarious ShadowSun, Presiding Magistrate of the Wardens
-will house guild craftsmen and workers, and will manege the guild resources, as well as taking care of guild bushiness on both Pandaria and in our guild offices in Orgrimmar.

Anyone with questions or who wishes to join should inquire at our guild offices here in the city.

-Aezeth ShadowSun, Presiding Guild Master of the Wardens

((We are brand new guild that just started on MoP's launch day and its pretty much just me Zanerist and Zandarren in the guild right now with Nelfarious being a alt filling in for leader, but every guilds gotta start someplace. We have interests in both raiding and RBGs, and while Id love to do both, its going to be most dependent on what members we get.

While raiding and PvP will be our main priorities, I want this to still be an RP guild. Anyone who wants to join has to have some interest in RP, I'm not going to require much, just some face time at a few events or small roleplays with other members and such, just to we can get something of a guild story rolling.

If you're interested, feel free to contact either me, Zandarren, or Zanerist in game, post in this thread, or contact me by email at Zakeamass@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading,

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